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DotA In-House League Reborn!

Posted by HazarDous on Sun Jul 30, 2017 4:26 pm

Hey there, ENT is happy to announce the resurrection of the DotA In-House League! For those of you who didn't know, the league has taken a wave of inactivity but recently has been reborn with a new set of rules, players, and more!

Are you interested in joining the competitive side of DotA? Click Here to see a list of requirements necessary to try out.

Much like any other league, it's a bit slow starting up but we are confident that with all the players already involved and potentially more, it will set sail for the future. Feel free to check out it's sub-forum for information, guidelines and more.

Birth of the Legion TD Team League!

Posted by aRt)Y on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:44 pm

Hello everyone,

we are glad to announce that the 1st season of the Legion TD Team League (LTL) will take place very soon. LTL is a mixture of the league and tournament formats. It will be moderated by @FateStayNight, @n1ll3, @HugMeOnce, @Michonne and me, in collaboration with Broud3r and ENT Gaming. If you are interested in participating to what we hope to be a competitive cup-style atmosphere with your friends to prove everyone you are the best LTD players, or just to have fun, read the following announcement carefully.

The Legion TD Team League, as a mix of league and tournament, will consist of regular seasons, where teams can qualify for the playoffs which will occur after this season. Obviously, in the playoffs, qualified teams will fight for the first place! Another aspect that differentiates the Legion TD Team League from a Tournament is its length: following LIHL season, it will last for 3 months and will start on August 1st. The regular season is expected to last for 10 weeks and the playoffs, 2 weeks, but this is subject to change and official dates will come.


Read the full announcement here: viewtopic.php?f=305&t=113622

Looking for CD-Keys

Posted by aRt)Y on Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:48 pm

Enterprise Gaming is looking for new cd-keys (ROC & TFT) for our bots!

In exchange, you get a tier 1 reward (purple forum color) or tier 3 (colored Discord name). Check our wiki for more information regarding the tiers.

If you would like to exchange spare cd-keys, post a technical support topic and private message the Staff Department (Hazardous or me) your spare keys. Once they are confirmed to be working, the donation process will continue.


GProxy DLL update.

Posted by HazarDous on Wed May 03, 2017 9:51 pm

A new version of GProxy DLL compatible with the new WC3 patch has been released. You are invited to download it in order to increase compatibility of GProxy with WC3 version and avoid random lag spikes.


Version 0.08b, released on 27/04/2017

Repacked version 0.08 to fix some lag/spike issues on some systems
Version 0.08, released on 10/04/2017

Updated to work with WC3 Patch and possibly future patches
Kept backward compatibility with WC3, and

Our Wiki page has also been updated with the most recent version. All you have to do is replace the gproxydll.mix file in your wc3 folder with the more recent one.

Announcements & Rule Updates

Posted by aRt)Y on Fri Sep 19, 2014 9:57 am

Enterprise Gaming is a big community. We are talking about new rules and discussing current ones on a daily basis. It is difficult to keep up to date with all the news and changes - which unfortunately, is a must for you and us.

So how do you do it, you may ask yourself? ENT has a few hubs where we centralize all rule updates/changes and publish information and announcements. You can choose the one you prefer! (The wiki, however, has the highest priority and is the most frequently updated medium.)

  • Discord: ENT's community & staff chat
  • Wiki and its news history
  • Google Plus: +EntGamingNet
  • Twitter: @entgamingmedia
  • In-game announcements. However, we strongly recommend you visiting the forum for further details.
  • Info-Emails: Join the forum group to receive emails to your forum registered email about rule changes.
  • Info-Tourneys: Join the forum group to receive emails to your forum registered email about tournament News.
We also try to announce rule changes each Saturday to further minimize the risk of missing them.

If you have any questions regarding rules (and our publishing procedure) or announcements, feel free to contact the Management.