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Merry Christmas

Posted by aRt)Y on Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:59 pm

Hey guys,

as every year, it's a pleasure for me to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year on behalf of Hazardous and the rest of ENT's staff.

2017 has been full of challenges. It's the year Blizzard decided to revive Warcraft 3 with new patches and updates. One can hope they will continue to strive improving the game for future generations to enjoy this awesome game.

It is also marked as the year our Administration Control Panel (ACP) got breached and caused some havoc on the forums. However, I think we got everything to normal quite fast, so business as usual continued.

Lastly, we changed our chat from the old AJAX to Discord. With currently over 6000 registered Members and ENT's technical implementation of our league (hosting) systems, we are quite proud of that achievement. As with any change or technical implementation, feedback is much needed and we will continue working on fixing things and improving the free services you enjoy on a daily basis.

Considering we haven't provided bot/forum stats over the last years, here's a quick update. :)
2017 Games hosted to date 10,163,420
2014 Games hosted to date 4,906,029
2013 Games hosted to date 2,603,807

2017 Players to date 67,833,830
2014 Players to date 35,507,018
2013 Players to date 19,882,459

2017 Average players per game 6.67
2014 Average players per game 7.24
2013 Average players per game 7.64

2017 Unique players to date 2,857,244
2014 Unique players to date 1,906,743
2013 Unique players to date 1,272,334

2017 Player-uploaded maps 24974
2014 Player-uploaded maps 11957
2013 Player-uploaded maps 5369

2017 Validated players 71378
2014 Validated players 27458
2013 Validated players 38230

2017 Current bans 36,008
2014 Current bans 60,473
2013 Current bans 45,467

2017 Bans to date 3,107,775
2014 Bans to date 2,055,860
2013 Bans to date 1,431,829

2017 Longest game MCFC RPG at 109.08 hours (gid=9951798)
2014 Longest game [ENT] YouTD v1.05 #89 at 58.03 hours (gid=4506396)
2013 Longest game a game of thrones! ! ! at 49.21 hours (gid=2378267)

2017 Total game time 4366.82 years
2014 Total game time 1959.83 years
2013 Total game time 894.32 years

2017 Number of posts: 441642
2014 Number of posts: 187480
2013 Number of posts: 95722

2017 Number of topics: 116017
2014 Number of topics: 45188
2013 Number of topics: 20438

2017 Number of users: 83029
2014 Number of users: 34827
2013 Number of users: 14166

With that said, enjoy the Holidays with your family, dearest friends and partners, or join us lonely souls on Discord on this festive evening. :)
Also, perhaps you will have the time to think about applying for ENT staff. We are constantly looking for new members to improve the community and relieve some of the workload our current staff has.

Happy x-mas and a happy new year!
-Staff Department

ENT is looking for new staff members!

Posted by aRt)Y on Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:53 pm

Hi everyone,

a few months ago, we actively approached new potential moderators.

We took our time observing and teaching them everything an ENT staff member needs to know/do and the results have been great so far.
They are so satisfactory, in fact, that we are re-opening the "Moderator Candidates" program again.

In case you always wanted to become a moderator but weren't sure if you got what it takes, then don't worry.
The mod program is specifically for you as we are working closely together with you, answering your questions in a more direct and co-operative atmosphere.

The timing is even more interesting given Wintermaul Wars is being actively developed again and staff members to moderate it are necessary, as well as new staff members officially moderating Risk Dev.

While the concept seems more loosely given the "give it a try"-feeling, we expect your dedication and commitment nonetheless.
Application criteria have been adjusted; feel free to apply!

Our staff is looking forward to working with you. :)

Looking for CD-Keys

Posted by aRt)Y on Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:48 pm

Enterprise Gaming is looking for new cd-keys (ROC & TFT) for our bots!

In exchange, you get a tier 1 reward (purple forum color) or tier 3 (colored Discord name). Check our wiki for more information regarding the tiers.

If you would like to exchange spare cd-keys, post a technical support topic and private message the Staff Department (Hazardous or me) your spare keys. Once they are confirmed to be working, the donation process will continue.


Announcements & Rule Updates

Posted by aRt)Y on Fri Sep 19, 2014 9:57 am

Enterprise Gaming is a big community. We are talking about new rules and discussing current ones on a daily basis. It is difficult to keep up to date with all the news and changes - which unfortunately, is a must for you and us.

So how do you do it, you may ask yourself? ENT has a few hubs where we centralize all rule updates/changes and publish information and announcements. You can choose the one you prefer!

  • Discord: ENT's community & staff chat; You will find any announcement there.
  • Wiki and its news history; Only used to log rule changes.
  • Forum & In-game announcements. However, we strongly recommend you checking Discord nonetheless as this type of announcement is unreliable.
  • Info-Tourneys: Join the forum group to receive emails to your forum registered email about tournament news.
We also try to announce rule changes each Saturday to further minimize the risk of missing them.

If you have any questions regarding rules (and our publishing procedure) or announcements, feel free to contact the Management.