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Wc3Connect FAQ/Troubleshooting

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:49 pm
by Quetra

How do I transfer my statistics to wc3connect?
  • Validate your account: go to ENT Link -> Validate and type the username/realm; you'll need to whisper a command to ClanEnterprise on
  • Validate your WC3Connect account: go to ENT Link -> Validate, enter your WC3Connect account name, and copy the validation key to Settings -> Validate in the app
  • Once both accounts are validated, go to ENT Link -> Statistics and swap the stats between the accounts

Can I host games from WC3?

Can I connect my own host bot?

I don't have Patch 1.30.1, where can I download it?
You can download the patch here:

If I use Wc3Connect can I also use when the 1.30.2 patch comes?
If you want to play on both and Wc3connect, you'll need to copy and paste your Warcraft 3 install and then patch one to the latest patch by connecting to . You will then be able to play on on one version and Wc3connect on the other.

My wc3connect is stuck on authenticating: what should I do?
Most likely your firewall/antivirus is blocking the app. You'll need to add an exception for it.

My antivirus software says it contains malware!?
This is a false positive, you will need to add an exception. If you don't trust the file there are services online you can use to scan it:

I want to connect to the game with two people on the same LAN: Is this possible?
Yes, once you login go to settings and tick Don't broadcast games to

If the above answers did not help, Make a Technical Support thread so we can assist you further with your question/problem. Alternatively, you can reach us on our Discord: