Reconnect after crash

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Reconnect after crash

Postby SeRaReS » Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:43 pm

Is there a possibility to reconnect with entconnect after a Pc crash?
So the issue I was facing was, that my PC crashed for no apparent reason a couple of times. Usually if like only the connection times out or I have a couple of seconds delay because of shitty wlan I can easily reconnect with the Entconnect client. But if I have to restart the entire system there is no option to rejoin a game. Maybe its a restriction of the old time wc3 engine but in new games you have no issue catching up with an ongoing game after a restart. I mean from shutdown to having entconnect and wc3 back up it literally only takes me 20 seconds with an ssd, thats less time then the regular lagg out timer of wc3. But yet I am unable to rejoin the game, kinda frustrating.

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