Please Enable Votekick Command in Lobby

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Please Enable Votekick Command in Lobby

Postby Robby22 » Fri Jan 31, 2020 7:35 am

I've been talking about it with other players and I think it's about time we enable the vote kick command in lobbies because it will be helpful in getting rid of rude toxic players and people who purposely ruined the game before and that is of course if the majority agrees. We should have the chance to bring it to a vote for a kick and if most if not all are in agreement in doing so I believe it would be an immediate benefit to the game until Moderators can eventually ban these players when they get a chance to review ban request. It doesn't make sense to have it enabled in game but not in the lobby as most players would not vote !yes on vote kicking a player unless there was reasonable cause to do so. I hope this is something that players will see as a benefit to the community. Perhaps bringing this matter to a voting poll would be a great way of letting the community be involved in considering this issue. Thanks

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