Hosting a game on ent problem

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Hosting a game on ent problem

Postby Joeman » Thu Sep 29, 2022 5:42 pm

When trying to host a custom game on wc3connect using ent bot, i've ran into some issues;
game hosts just fine and allows me to enter/rename it, but when checking game on Bots Status, it's red on all servers - no-one else can join. Am i missing something?

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Re: Hosting a game on ent problem

Postby Unitil » Thu Sep 29, 2022 8:10 pm

Do note that bot status page was meant as a means to show if a bot was online on non-ENT Gaming servers and was never updated for if they are connected to ours.

We no longer host on official servers or since we moved to 1.30.1.
The cross compatibility died around 1.28.5

If you are on the same LAN you may want to make sure the following option is enabled

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 Don't broadcast games to (check when multiple players are on the same LAN)

This option is availble in wc3connect > Settings


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