6000+ LoD games

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6000+ LoD games

Postby Veinmetal » Thu May 09, 2019 7:47 am

So, I didn't reset my games since 2005. And now I have more than 6000 games played. AND all of them on sentinel side of LoD.

I never reseted.

Lately, I see a pack of african americans moving to some other LoD clan where apparently the map is more balanced and there are thousands of players.

I ain't going anywhere.

I don't really like this map with legendary skills because I liked the old version better where I could choose anything I wanted from my random draft.
Now, I have to share MY skills from MY randomed draft with ALL the other 9 players.

I presume they didn't want randomness to have 5 MC WC Wrathers on one team if RNG gave that to them. Or a full team of 5 Essence/troll carries. Or w/e.

No matter what the argument would be, I prefer the older version by FAR.

LoD was never supposed to be a perfectly balanced game or at least as balanced as DotA.
It's reasonable to think that Rearm Eclipse should be banned, or perma invisibility / Sleight of Fist to be illegal build.
But to go as far as making every single skill a Legendary/Unique skill is pathetic and brings a flavor of casualty to the game as lame and as simple as DotA.

IN fact, I'd probably prefer DotA compared to the new version of LoD. And NO ! I am not interested in the "perfected" lame version of LoD of that other clan that Jimily_Criket was promoting so betrayingly in private messages.

Bring back the old version. And probably the other veterans will come back to ENT.

Remember. The fun was never about 100% competitiveness and balance. It was all about that gamble and that fun build you would jackpot from time to time.

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Re: 6000+ LoD games

Postby kunkka » Thu May 09, 2019 10:33 pm

Jiminy_Cricket has devoted his entire life in LoD balancing. How can you do this to him?

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Re: 6000+ LoD games

Postby UrbanEdge » Sun May 12, 2019 8:27 am

i was wondering how much it will take for lod bot to be removed. Since the change of mode, lobbies last for hours - something that never happened before. Bring old mode back, or atleast let us vote for mode in the lobby (i remember that option from another bot, few years ago)

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Re: 6000+ LoD games

Postby Jiminy_Cricket » Tue Jun 04, 2019 4:52 am

I understand. There was a time I was hooked on the madness that ENT lod is. Now I prefer more balance where 1 guy cant 5v1 so easily. It still happens if youre vsing noobs but pretty rare to 5v1 where I play. Nice to play the newest map with the fun changes as well. Not to mention map hack free. :)
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