A guide to Warcraft 3 custom maps and how to install them

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A guide to Warcraft 3 custom maps and how to install them

Postby sherlly » Wed Jun 30, 2021 1:59 am

So you want to download some Warcraft 3 maps? Custom maps and modes are a long tradition in RTS games, and in fact, it was the custom map and mode combination called Ancient Defense in Warcraft 3 that gave birth to what we now know as MOBAs. But even as these offshoots rose to new heights, people still wanted to download new and interesting maps for Warcraft 3, a tradition that continued in Warcraft 3: Remastered.

There are hundreds if not thousands of options for custom Warcraft 3 maps, and there are plenty of places to get them. Instead of trying to list some of the best custom cards, we're going to look at the major repositories and summarize some of the options. Contrary to what normally happens with modules, Warcraft 3's custom maps are specifically designed to be placed in the Warcraft 3 folder in the user documentation area.

The typical installation path is similar to C: Users \ DocumentsWarcraft IIIMaps, but if you are using a Mac it is located at: / Users // Library / Application Support / Blizzard / Warcraft III / Maps

The best Warcraft 3 maps
We found a few places where you can get some excellent Warcraft 3 custom maps. Let's take a look ......

A Dota 2 shot showing a tentacle creature battling three heroes

Hive Workshop is a forum-based community aimed primarily at Warcraft 3 players, but they also have a Starcraft 2 section. It has everything from fully created, custom cards to personal assets like icons, 3D models, and even spells. Recently, a new version of Beta was launched in 2020 to provide better service to users.

Users can comment and rate individual cards, and see how many times an item has been downloaded. Filter tools allow you to see what is currently popular, and a well-designed tagging system will further help you find what you are looking for.

WC3 cards
The repository doesn't have the same powerful filtering and search tools as Hive, but it does offer a way to host maps as well as coordinate multiplayer lobbies. It works by latching onto the BattleNet itself. So you have to host your map there first, and then it will be automatically archived on the WC3 map.

The mission statement of wc3maps.com reads: "The primary goal of ssegold.com is to archive every map played on the Warcraft III BattleNet platform and to provide statistics and metadata for every map."

Epic war
Epic War is another manual repository, similar to Hive, with different filter tools and categories, as well as user ratings and download numbers. It is relatively easy for users to upload maps, although Activity is not yet supported.

It's worth noting that many maps can be uploaded in a state that means the world editor cannot open them for further editing, but the game itself can run them without any problems. This is because some authors protect their work and therefore cannot easily be copied. The official website FAQ has more information.

Warcraft 3 Remastered map database
This is a newer repository that was introduced after Warcraft 3: Recast was released in early 2020. The database is more modern and easier to navigate than some other databases and has a number of search and filter tools to help you find the cards you want.

The Warcraft 3 Remastered Map Database also has its own section for Official Featured Maps, "Best of" maps (up to 250), and a Discord that you can also join.

There are more repositories out there, and we may add more as we look at what they have to offer, but simply by browsing the repositories above you should be able to find enough content to make your Warcraft 3 sessions to keep fresh.
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Re: A guide to Warcraft 3 custom maps and how to install them

Postby plzbanruiners » Mon Jul 12, 2021 2:10 am

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