Want to be a pro RTS player? Item keybinding!

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Want to be a pro RTS player? Item keybinding!

Postby kreem2 » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:13 pm

Original post. https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?t ... ing.23701/

If your looking to become one of the best Warcraft 3 players the first step is to control your subgroups properly. Micro your army to victory! If you shift click and then click for example 1 that unit will be selected every time you press 1 on your keyboard. This is the very first step, and yes i know this is very fundamental to some of you but the more you practice, the faster you will be able to multitask and swap between your subgroups.

That brings us to APM, Actions Per Minute is the number of actions (such as selecting units or issuing an order) completed within a minute of gameplay. High APM is often associated with skill, as it can indicate that a player both knows what to do in the game and has the manual dexterity to carry it out. Software has been developed to analyze players' APM in these games.[1]Beginners often have low APM counts, typically below 50. Professional e-athletes in South Korea usually have average APM scores around 300, but often exceed the 400 mark during intense battle sequences. Notable gamers with over 400 average APM include Lee Jae-Dong. Park Sung-Joon is noted for the record APM of 818.[2] However, given that the majority of APMs are repetitions of orders already given, APM is not always considered an accurate indication of skill.

It is also highly recomended to use the "wc3isk21rc7a" software program. Its has an amazing solution to keybinding item slots in wc3, just run as administrator and choose a keybind to each item slot. The program downloads successfully from: crashgame1.persiangig.com
http://crashgame1.persiangig.com/Tools/ ... r/download

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Re: Want to be a pro RTS player? Item keybinding!

Postby Hupfen » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:33 pm

I don't want, but good post anyways.

I was using the original keys successfully all the time. However that leaves few space for the numpad keys. Currently I have just Numpad 2 put to "Tilt" (can't type that because it's set to 2). But a few times I want to have about two to three items hotkeyed, I think tp is quite important unless you doubleclick anyways (since it is a having-to-aim item).

Also the potion or invul pot can be useful, for instance when it lags, and then your cursor lags aswell (don't know why wc3 does that). Otherwise if you are Orc, the healing salve is certainly important to Hotkey (for hu and ne: The staff). That's 2-3 important slots in my opinion; to add to the topic.

So Imo you should also mention or recommend, to change the original hotkeys to something more compromised like Qwert asdfg which leaves much more space for Numpad hotkeys (optimal space for them 3, imo). You can get them at reddit/wc3 iirc. In the original keys almost every letter of the alphabet is taken somewhere and will create conflicts. Unless you are only playing one race, but I can't recommend that for the sake of fun - sometimes you will play another race or another strategy; I tried to play only one race in Starcraft 2- Terran- and did a very very good Hotkey System, however that made it incredibly difficult to play the other two races especially zerg. (Well I then adapted their keys of course, but it was not with the same efficiency as for Terran) (Sc2 requires or REWARDS a good hotkey system incredibly well, in wc3 it's just about a few important hotkeys).

Why did I not do that in Wc3; well the game is so old and I played it when you couldn't change hotkeys too much. I am also not trying to become the best player, but most importantly It's not fun in wc3 to use zxcv often, and these are the keys you will be using almost exclusively in Wc3 as opposed to Starcraft where abilities are one time uses... well and I set each ability individual there (like all "buffs" to a certain hotkey). Since units have only one to two hotkeys in sc2 the amount of hotkeys is relatively low for single units and you can do alot of other stuff with the remainings (And that's where Zerg fucks it up, since their "Larva" contains access to all units-hotkeys at once...). I do not plan to do that for wc3 since there are so many abilities on all the heroes. And last but not least it's simply not fun at the moment to invest that work into wc3, because I am already having enough fun - if I play this game occasionally. On the other hand in Sc2 the funplaying the game increases dramatically with better hotkeys and a good system. (I stopped that game with last Exp.)
(So it's about investment return here)
TO SUM IT UP: Using YXCV frequently is a pain and that should be changed. It is also quite sub-optimal, since the abilities are so far away from the F-Keys (For your heroes)... I don't get qwer-hotkey users.

Anyways If you have any quick way to change the original Hotkeys in a relative easy fashion, like not each one by one, and not ZXCV but still have hold position aswell as attack and move in good positions.. I would be happy to hear them. I am not talking about a program but about the system - the result - the hotkeys.

edit: Funny how Kreem2 posts such a big topic here, but then doesn't respond anymore...
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Re: Want to be a pro RTS player? Item keybinding!

Postby krem22 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:08 pm

Honestly, Starcraft 2 has an amazing default keybind set. My only problem is that i had command center on 5 barracks 6 factory 7 aiport 8 all workers 9 and my first 1 2 3 4 were all for different unit groups. My problem was when you get higher and higher you are going to need more than only 4 groups for units, so i had to change it! And to change how you set your subgroups after maybe a year of playing is hell. Zerg never really appealed to me, but i rocked Protoss in 4v4 alot :D My only accomplishment was gold league as Terran, i remember my first couple of games where Zerg just muta rushed every game. But its honestly the best feeling in the world, if you seeker missile the shit out of them and you see 10 of them just boom out of the sky :D Moments like that is what i live for in gaming.
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Re: Want to be a pro RTS player? Item keybinding!

Postby krem22 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:03 am

RTSes, on their face, appear to be relaxing, leisurely games. They are not. Don’t expect to win against anyone but the lowest-level players if you want to relax and take it easy. All RTSes are about speed, first and foremost. This does not mean that they are mindless clickfests. You need fast fingers and a fast mind – but speed of thought is most important, because anyone can randomly click super fast – your brain makes those actions meaningful.

Even in games like Eragon, which lacks traditional base building and resources, speed is critical. Fast clicks and fast thinking allow you to perform precise maneuvers and perfectly-timed sniping with spells.

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