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DotA ne14f / ne14g

Postby Tufuuu » Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:14 pm

Hi there,

In a "quick" 2h session I fixed some broken hero icons (cause of the Reforged update) and Tuskarr's Ice Shards projectile. I labeled the map ne14f since it is only a mini update.
However for this fix I needed to change some unit IDs. So in case you're using Customkeys.txt or a replay parser you'll have to adjust it. Below is a table with the changed ids:

UnitID old
Earthshaker Otch UST1
Treant Protector Hamg UST2
Ursa Huth UAG1 .
Venge Hvwd UAG2
Gondar Naka UAG3
Enchantress Emoo UIN1 .
Keeper of the Light Hblm UIN2
Zeus Hmbr UIN3
Nevermore Nfir UAG4
Ogre Magi Hmkg UIN4
Enigma Uktl UIN5
Bane Oshd UIN6
Leshrac Ekee UIN7
Tidehunter Ofar UST3
Tiny Ucrl UST4
Weaver Ubal UAG5
Sniper Usyl UAG6

You can download it here:

I played 2 games on this map, I didn't notice any bugs. Latest confirmed stable is map is 6.85ne14b. (There are meanwhile hundreds of cheated versions online though, so take care)

Maybe I'll release another little update if the 6.85ne14f version turns out to be utterly broken (which I don't hope/expect). Future big updates for the map will be released most likely by

Have fun & Regards
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Re: DotA ne14f

Postby Tufuuu » Mon Jul 13, 2020 12:07 pm


I released another version "6.85ne14g" which fixes almost every bug that emerged with the Reforged update and makes the map enjoyable in again.

- courier no longer drops items to the ground when the recipient has already a full inventory
- fixed several VFX and icons: Pugna's Nether Blast (Pugna), Nature's Guise (Roof), Kunkka's X marks the spot, Hellfire Blast (Leoric), Atrophy Aura (Pit Lord) + more
- Blade Mail and Cold Embrace now visible again when casted on Huskar

Balance updates:
- Trees planted with Ironwood Branches and consumed with Tango now provide greater heal
- added Terrorblade (Metamorphosis) and Dragon Knight (in Dragon form) to Dragon Lance (attack range upgrade)

Like the 14f version this version seems to be stable (several games tested).

Prolly my last map release since everything seems to be fixed what I wanted to have fixed.
Download link:

Have fun

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