The Future Of ENT 2020

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The Future Of ENT 2020

Postby nitehawk » Sun Mar 22, 2020 11:30 pm


So it's come to my attention that there's some players that are still under the impression that the moderation team is still "active" which isn't true in the slightest. So allow me to clarify somethings here -

•ENT's Moderation Team officially stopped moderating games on September 14th, 2019.
Yes, most of our moderators have already gone inactive and have haulted any and all moderation duties with the announcement of our shutdown. Anything you see from us is most likely special case/done privately.

•Following the above, your chance at appeal/ban requests are slim.
If you come into our discord/post in our ban appeal section with any form of moderation request be it unban/requesting a ban on player - I won't lie to you, your chances are slim. It's no longer our job to attend to these duties as per our shutdown announcement and therefor highly unlikely we will grant these requests.

•Why do you still have blue names if you're not moderating?
Because ENT's shutdown doesn't mean we are going to shutdown our discord server/website, yet. If anything - the first thing to go is our servers and the rest will slowly render inactive/what-not in time.

•Yes, autoban is staying on.
Believe me, you'd rather have autoban stay on then turned off. If you're a frequent disconnector and/or face some type of internet issue then I am sorry but your chances of being appealed by an autoban is slim and you should attempt to settle that issue with your ISP. We aren't going to turn this off because then any form of game quality left is going to plummet, and fast.

•What if someone is just ruining games over and over, you're not going to do anything??
IF and yes, I mean a hard IF there is a specific player ruining AT-LEAST 5+ games consecutively and showing blatant disregard of our rules in spite of our shutdown then you can DM me and I may look at it. Do not in anyway come to over a one game situation or you'll be ignored.

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Re: The Future Of ENT 2020

Postby DOTA_TRASHCANS » Tue May 19, 2020 3:07 pm

<3 Trashcans 2020.
<3 Trashcans

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Re: The Future Of ENT 2020

Postby UltraKill » Mon Oct 05, 2020 4:52 am

ent live 4ever
aka furion[k:d] aka thecheekslapper aka thewhooper aka spanker aka bitchmaker aka ultrakill

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