Rules and Tournament System

September Tournament
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Rules and Tournament System

Postby cyberpunk » Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:41 pm

Basic Rules:
  • Teams will have 5 minutes to join the game, if the team doesn't show up within 5 minutes the opponent get a free win, Matchs will be scheduled on September 22
  • Player banned is not able to play, if you are banned, make an appeal.
  • Only registered players can play. *Reserved slot must be registered to play* so don't lose the signup dates
  • Using reserved slot - The team must warn the admin if they will use the reserved slot a hour before the game starts. Again, we will be checking everyone.
  • Pausing and unpausing - pauses should only be used for emergencies. You should count down from 3 before pausing, and make sure everyone is ready and count down from 3 before resuming.
  • game should continue as normal even If a player disconnects during a game.
  • Only streams players can be observers.
  • Any ban offenses will result to twice the normal ban duration.
  • After you play a game, you must attach replay to the forum

Specific rules for Game:
  • Mercenary is out of the game.
  • You can ONLY use anti-stuck if some unit is stuck.
  • JUGGLING THE KING is not enable
  • Mid building is allowed.

Tournament System
For now, there's a max number of 8 teams. after that, registered teams will be included to the reserved list. If the reserved list gets 8 teams (in a total of 16 teams) and if nobody give ups, then the tourney will change for a max of 16 teams *brackets*.
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