Waga na wa M_Doka!!!

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Waga na wa M_Doka!!!

Postby M_Doka » Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:27 pm

Name: Doka / Nico
Account Name: M_Doka
Realm : Asia (I guess.)
Moderator Administrator Experience: none
Favorite Map Types : RPG(FotN, Fantasy Life) Pyramid Escape/Takeshi's Castle/Uther Party, Hide&Seek, Altered Melee, Tag(FvH) , DotA/LOD
Time: DotA/LOD (Since 5th grade[around 2k-something{I'm colleage now}]), other games(not Dota), made some maps btw.
Hobbies: Vidya & Anime
Profession: game dev & animation student
Certifications: none that are important.

I'm new, please be kind to me, I've played for years though. War3 used to be my favorite game as a kid now its just 1 of my favorite games.
I hope we can be friends and my internet lets me play worldwide!
I copy pasted this from Lost Souls, thanks!

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