Hi, intros are intros, but regardless...

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Hi, intros are intros, but regardless...

Postby teamBLDG » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:04 pm

Ah my avatar's not mine, google led me to it, not saying it's google's fault it's mine, but it's due to resources that I could handle. I'm fixing it.

I have a small inkling of "hacking the losing side" or that's what I estimated of what we think our community got (not hack in a techie manner, but mainly simple attempt of thought with sufficient consideration, again not technically, and boldly expressing it). This was intended (Don't read after this paragraph).

I waited too long, I don't even want to make an intro. I don't want to misinterpret anyone though and also don't want to misinterpret others about thinking that I dictated they might misinterpret me, and let's be more detailed until we got everyone along.

...rest assured I don't want any to think ill of me for whatever attempts.

WC3Connect and the great guy(s) behind ENTgaming.net (and yeah you know whats this is all about).

Whatever they've managed to horizontally and vertically inherit on whatever they managed to... probably I better not dictate again right?

I used to play in Garena, ok fine I get it, it's really hard that you take responsibility for any with all attempts to not misinterpret and again not dictate that I might even be misinterpreted even without that attempt on whoever is whoever, I'm getting tired already.

Ah, so much words I backspaced I need to finish my intro or w/e with some few take-away sentences that I might edit as well later.

Just watch "CAN WE(humans) HACK THE PLANET" that M.F. hosted, not gonna lie I maybe don't deserve to acquire that viewing time or whatever as well.

I've backspace too many, some of it be just enough for whoever they are, else whatever it is some people might misinterpret so that's why I deleted it. Or is this just about the You're CD key is in use rant again? Really hope it's not just that.

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