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Postby Jazzy3113 » Fri Dec 23, 2022 3:33 pm


I'm Jazzy.

AMA - nothing off limits and since this is anonymous I can be totally honest!

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Re: Hi

Postby EdteOfChaos2 » Sat Mar 18, 2023 2:20 am

Hi Jazzy! Great AMA, could you explain some of these quotes you said to me after you lost horribly?


(45:42 / All) ifckJazzy: ggwp
(45:55 / All) jazzy3113: such a loser
(46:08 / All) jazzy3113: im 100% sure his real life sucks
(46:53 / All) jazzy3113: fucking middle class loser
(47:04 / All) jazzy3113: anyone who cheats at dota 1 in 2023 is a loser


(02:11 / All) jazzy3113: sniper how long have u been a whiny fag for?
(02:45 / All) jazzy3113: oh one of those players that pretends
(02:52 / All) jazzy3113: i dont get ruiners who fee
(13:11 / All) jazzy3113: look at pussy sniper
(13:18 / All) jazzy3113: this fuck only plays broken heroes
(13:19 / All) jazzy3113: sniper
(13:20 / All) jazzy3113: bara
(13:22 / All) jazzy3113: armlet husk
(13:28 / All) jazzy3113: im shcoked u didnt pick slark
(13:33 / All) jazzy3113: u fuckig cjeating n****r
(13:37 / All) jazzy3113: try a real hero for once
(13:59 / All) jazzy3113: fucking cheater

Also, could you explain to everyone why you say the n-word with hard r so much? Are you a racist? Why do you hate black people so much?
The following examples have been censored to protect people from Jazzy's racist filth.

https://entgaming.net/findstats.php?id=12153840 (51:29 / All) jazzy3113: beat u alot n****r
https://entgaming.net/findstats.php?id=12152319 (13:33 / All) jazzy3113: u fuckig cjeating n****r
https://entgaming.net/findstats.php?id=12153844 (16:15 / Allied) jazzy3113: FUCKING N****RS ON THISFSDFKSD

Bonus: Jazzy's reaction to me going 0-2 (I recovered and owned them, carrying Jazzy)

(15:28 / Allied) jazzy3113: i jsut cant fucking take it anymore
(15:30 / Allied) jazzy3113: !ff
(15:33 / Allied) jazzy3113: im quitting ent
(15:36 / Allied) jazzy3113: it just makes me mad
(15:45 / Allied) jazzy3113: i get no pleasure anymore
(15:52 / Allied) jazzy3113: last game u guys are fucking pros
(15:55 / Allied) jazzy3113: literal fucking pros
(16:03 / Allied) jazzy3113: this game ttoal shit for nor eason
(16:04) grim4saken killed jazzy3113
(16:08 / Allied) jazzy3113: WTF
(16:10 / Allied) jazzy3113: IUS GOSDFKLSDL;FG
(16:11 / Allied) jazzy3113: DFGD
(16:15 / Allied) jazzy3113: FUCKING N****RS ON THISFSDFKSD
(16:16 / Allied) jazzy3113: FSDF

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