DIHL - must read

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DIHL - must read

Postby nabo. » Fri Jul 17, 2015 2:24 am

Location (Home):
Channel clan DIHL (clan HIGH) on useast/azeroth realm (We usually are at channel clan HIGH since it is the usual gathering place for many)

Bot server location:
useast/uswest (LA, NY, Chicago)

-Vouched: Meet the League's acceptable/minimum DotA skill level
-Not banned from ENT
-No behavioural issues
-Willing to share, learn, and improve
-Mumble: Must have mumble installed to communicate with others during inhouse games http://www.mumble.com/mumble-download.php
-Gproxy: No one likes when himself or others disconnect. You may not be able to avoid all disconnections, but it is possible to minimize incidents. Gproxy will give you reconnection capabilities.

DotA v6.83d by Icefrog

Season Length: Approximately 2 months. The season depends on number of active players and depends on number of captain games between one another. The rule of thumb is that all captains must have played one another equal times.

Rules and Enforcement:

Team Drafting:
1) Two players with similar rating or skill amongst participants will be chosen as captains to play one another or captains from a list of designated selected pool will cap one another.
2) One of the captains will !flip to decide first or second pick order.
3) 1-1-1-1-2-1 player picking system will be used.

Game Modes:
Captains Mode: Each captain has 5 bans 5 pick from AP pool

Captains Draft: Each captain has 2 bans 5 pick from random drafted pool

*Note, we autoban meepo, arc, and oracle at all times. Sometimes we may autoban additional heroes to further creativity with captain picks.

Lane Formations:
Suicidelane - Midlane - Safelane including jungle - (Roam)
1-1-3 Defensive(safe) Trilane
3-1-1 Aggressive(suicide) Trilane
2-1-2 Common pub set up
1-1-1-(2) Duo roamers require good combo spells (ex. cm + sven, global heroes), must be able to effectively gank + jungle in between ganking
1-1-2-(1) One roamer is usually done with a good disable + mobility hero
1-2-2 2 mid is sometimes used to babysit a weak mid hero or against a strong mid hero

*Tri-lane: Usually consists of a carry who hugs cs, a ranged support/creep denier/hero harasser(should be ranged hero to zone out enemy hero), and a jungler/puller/ganker. Combination of crowd-control abilities (stun/disable + slow/stun) is recommended.

Hard carry: kill/farm up to rampage and "carry" team to victory
Support: create space and aid team overall (buys wards and courier/distract/decoy/baby-sit)
Jungler: gank in between or rush dagger (axe, doom, enig, axe, etc)
Off-laner: goal should be to level up and take advantage of faster level 6 while not dying and killing if possible.

Tank: able to attract focus and tank nukes/disables to benefit team fight. Should be annoying to kill. (spect, cent, medusa, sk, bristleback, etc)
Initiator: able to initiate teamfights (bat, axe, cent, tide, puck, etc)
Turtler: able to help team turtle by limiting enemy from pushing. (pugna, shredder, etc)
Pusher: able to effectively bring down towers especially early game. (ex. pugna, death prophet, lycan, syllabear, rhasta, enigma, etc)
Disabler: able to disable/crowd-control enemy (ex. cm, aa, rhasta, lion, etc)

Depending on hero lineup, as a captain, you will have to pre-plan whether:
-to constantly gank with mobile heroes keeping pressure
-to create space for hard carry to farm and carry later on
-to push towers early/rax/end game
-to split push lanes

-Stacking camps:
Pull camp at 51-53 seconds to stack them with a new spawn
Tip: to stack multiple camps at once, you will need a quelling blade to cut down trees to be able to multi-pull.
Tip: If anyone on the team owns a helm of dominator, dominate a high lvl neut and use it to pull camps especially ancients for extra gold/exp.

-Double/triple pulling:
Pull to single camp, then aggro them to 2nd/3rd camp
*Note: single pulling is usually bad because you will stack two lane-creep-waves = easy exp/gold for opponent offlaner at his tower. Unless you are planning to take down a tower with stacked lane creeps, you should not single pull. Therefore, you should usually double/triple pull or stack then pull.

Double pulling guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frNJ4sN4OOs
Ancient stacking/Mid pulling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whMytvvuK-U
Multi Stacking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwQCn1ZB62s

-Manipulating Creep Aggro:
Pull enemy creepwave towards you by positioning your hero (elaborate) and attack command. You should also take advantage of hero positioning to to manipulate aggro.

-Manipulating Tower Aggro:
Attack ally creep or deny a creep to change tower aggro away from you.

Creep aggro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOXljong68E
Tower aggro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynlRK-ayQTg

-Pulling lane:
Keeping lane creeps back towards safe ground versus an offlaner.
Damage+Deny, not only last hit deny + only last hit

Effectively zone out + keep your lane pulled back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sxq1La1ViZI

Day/Night Vision difference:

Smoke ganking:

-Rune hugging:
Spawns every 2 minutes, mid/supports/junglers/roamers should try to pick one of the runes.

Red - Rune wards
Yellow - Uppercliffs
Pink - Lane/aggressive/defensive/ wards
Green - Jungle wards
Blue - Push wards
White - Situational wards
Purple lines - Blocks the pointed neutral camp from spawning
Alternative version:

Rating System:
+1 point for win
-1 point for loss
+1 additional points if win as captain
-1 penalty points if lose as captain

Best/Worst Heroes during season:
For each hero recognized for best usage during season will be rewarded with +3 points
For each hero recognized for worst usage during season will be given -3 points
*Points will be added at the end of season

Body bags:
Bodybag: If you 2-0 a person that's a bodybag. The captain with the most bodies by the end of the season will be rewarded with +5 points.

DIHL stats: https://entgaming.net/dihl/scores.php
DIHL game history: https://entgaming.net/openstats/dihl/games/
DIHL Stats Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing
Captains Head to Head stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing
Clan High@useast

  • Check the wiki for ENT rules and general information.
  • Talk to mods on ENT chat.
  • Host games through our bots, Manage your stats, Secure your account(s), and check your ban status on ENT LINK.

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Postby HugMeOnce » Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:22 am

Hey guys,

I'm one of the main moderators for the dota in house league here on ent. I play on USEAST on HugMeOnce. You can PM me for any questions. Go ahead and post a vouch request if you wish to tryout.

Also we use Mumble (something like teamspeak) which will be mandatory for playing (no mic necessary but is preferred).

1. Download Mumble
2. Put Mumble.entgaming.net as the address
3. Name Label (ex. ENT)
4. Do Not Change the port
5. Make the username the same as your battle.net name
6. Press OK to all and join Mumble.

Look forward to playing with all of you! ;)

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Re: DIHL - must read

Postby nabo. » Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:30 am

Mumble guide (Mumble FAQ):

Mumble FAQ wrote:Where do I setup my microphone and sound options?
When connecting to Mumble for the first time you will be prompted to enter the Audio Wizard. You can access the Audio Wizard to configure or change your audio settings by following these steps:
  • Click the Configure menu item in the Mumble menu ribbon.
  • Click the Audio Wizard drop down menu option.

The Audio Wizard will allow you to setup both your microphone/output option, as well as the mode in which you speak (voice activation or push-to-talk). If a user skips the Audio Wizard, by default they are setup with the voice-activation for speaking onto the Mumble server.
To edit your sound settings with out using the Audio Wizard follow these steps:
  • Click the Configure menu item in the Mumble menu ribbon.
  • Click the Settings drop down menu option.
  • Check the "Advanced" check box at the bottom left of the Mumble Configuration Window. The "Advanced" option is just above the "Reset" button.
  • Click the Audio Input text in the column of option on the left side of the Mumble Configuration window.
  • Use the drop downs in the "Interface" section to select the correct audio input device.
  • You can also change "Push to talk" and Voice activation behavior with the drop down in the Transmission section. (See How do I setup push to talk?)
  • Click Audio Output in the left hand options column to adjust the ouput device and output quality.

How do I setup a push-to-talk hotkey?
Mumble offers both push-to-talk and voice activation for speaking onto the server. Push –to-talk only transmits your voice when a particular key is pressed. Voice activation transmits to the server when the sound level on your microphone passes a certain level. To setup your client for push-to-talk follow these steps:
  • First click the Configure item in the Mumble menu ribbon.
  • Click the Settings option in the drop down menu.
  • Click the Audio Input option menu on the left-hand side if the "Mumble Configureation" window.
  • Click the "Transmit" drop down menu.
  • Select the "Push-to-talk" from the drop down menu. After setting the transmission you will need to setup a hotkey to activate voice transmission.
To Set a hotkey to use Push –to –Talk follow these steps.
  • Click the Shortcuts menu on the left-hand side of the Mumble Configureation window.
  • Click the 'Add' button on the bottom of the Shortcuts page. You will see a new shortcut added labeled "Unassigned".
  • Click the "Unassigned" shortcut directly on the "Unassigned" word. You will see a dropdown menu that you can assign an action to this shortcut.
  • Click the 'Push-to-Talk' using the drop down menu
Clan High@useast

  • Check the wiki for ENT rules and general information.
  • Talk to mods on ENT chat.
  • Host games through our bots, Manage your stats, Secure your account(s), and check your ban status on ENT LINK.

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