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Thank you for applying.
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Kunkka- @wc3connect

Postby kallezein » Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:26 am


Hello my name is Khalil and i come from Sweden , a small place called Falkenberg. I work for the Migration Board Agency. So if you want residence in sweden you may call me ;)
Besides that i am a coach for a soccer team and I play football myself, yeah i know Zlatan Ibrahimovic and he dosent live far away from me. :D
Anyway, love to hang out with friends, chill and chase girls, people always say they love swedish girls, but give them a littlebit of alcohol and they will party like you have never seen before, if you ever heard that they party like crazy, well you have heard it right :)
Been there, done that :)

Name: Khalil Zein

Discord name: Merlin-

Age: 31

What are your current hours of playing time (approximate):
i would like to say that i play around 4-5 hours hours a day but when i got practice its less. But approximate like those hours i just mentioned.

What is your current time zone:

UTC +1 CET Central European Time

Describe any relevant experience, both in moderating and in Warcraft III:
I am Kunkka- from OHS Dota. I was a very calm player who solved cases very fast and watched cases objectively. You must investigate the report or the appeal before making a decision. I always lisen to the players. Thats why i became an admin on OHS and what i heard is that i did a good job.

Why do you want to become a game moderator:
I can contribute to your community by growing and i have hours that can solve reports. What i can see and hear is that people wait alotto get thier reports solved. I can be the one who makes it easier for you. Anyway its up to you if you want that help.

What will you bring to the ENT/Warcraft III community:
Like i said earlier, i can contribute to make your community good and help people out by solving reports.

Closing Statement:
Choose by the heart whats right for you and the community, and let the rest up to me. Given me this oppertunity will make you not regret it
That i can promise :)

Thanks in advance


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Re: Kunkka- @wc3connect

Postby MudMan » Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:08 pm

hello man you seem like a cool guy. Try to review some reports/appeals etc and post on them, then attach the links in a spoiler in your topic to make it easier for staff to assess your moderating skills.

best of luck

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Re: Kunkka- @wc3connect

Postby Kappa » Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:40 am


First, thanks for your interest in helping our community. However, we need to see that you understand our rules and can apply them in addition to being motivated to join our team! Being a part of OHS doesn't mean much since we are not OHS!

I don't' see any contributions to ban request/reviews of them here. If you truly wish to become an ENT mod, then you need to post on currently pending ban request and give your opinion on them. That way, we can ensure that you understand our rules and are capable of being a moderator here. Without these reviews, there is no way of knowing you can do the job, and I'd recommend looking at the staff applications of current moderators for guidance.

While your application is pending, please contribute to our forums as I have mentioned above. Otherwise, your staff app will be denied. Primarily, all I see now on your account are ban appeal requests which isn't encouraging!

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Re: Kunkka- @wc3connect

Postby Ziadoma » Tue Dec 18, 2018 7:34 am

http://wiki.entgaming.net/index.php?tit ... g:StaffApp
  • Before applying, you should have commented on several EntGaming:Ban requests, indicating your thoughts on the ban.
    • Please post the links to ban requests or ban appeals you participated in. They should demonstrate your knowledge about the usage of tools and rules.
    • Do not make posts if you do not have experience in the area; for example, on maphack related bans.
    • If you do not have significant experience with judging maphacking (for example, looking through replays for fog clicks), then do not post.
    • When you become a moderator, you will be expected to ask other moderators and learn about things like this though.

@kallezein please read the wiki if you are really interested.
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Re: Kunkka- @wc3connect

Postby HazarDous » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:50 pm

Denied, feel free to reapply in a few weeks if you feel you are ready by then.

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