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[Gin_ entconnect]

Postby Gin_ » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:25 pm

Name: Tobi
Discord name: Gin_#1926
Age: 29
Game moderator specialty (see below for choices): DOTA only
Brief introduction: I have played on ENT since 2014, and used to play on Dotacash since 2012. I had strong feeling with Warcraft 3, cuz I played this game for over 10 years. I know lots of players are moving to DOTA 2, League of Legion and other games, but still some of us choose to stick with DOTA 1. As long as someone is still playing here, we will need GM to take care of the community.
What are your current hours of playing time (approximate): It depends on my schedules, normally I will be online after 7pm to 12am, but sometimes I have to work at night or take care of my family.
What is your current time zone: Mountain Time
Describe any relevant experience, both in moderating and in Warcraft III: Not really
Why do you want to become a game moderator: I didn't have any previous experience as a GM, but I would like to learn from other experienced GMs.Because I have been on this bot for over 5 years, I really want to do something for the community before DOTA 1 dies. Like I mentioned to another GM before, I do expect this will be a depressing job, but I still will do my best to watch out for the community. I play a lot with my friends, and use my spare time to do some brq.
What will you bring to the ENT/Warcraft III community: I would like to bring in more pleasant game experience for all the DOTA players who are still loyal to the community. So many trolls and game ruiners on the bot right now, and they need to be punished for what they have done wrongly. I play on the bot basically everyday, and I have seen so many trolls and ruiners. They are just ignorant and do not really care about others' feeling. We really need to do something to increase the game quality for everyone in the community.
Closing Statement: I really want to do something for the community, and I will try my best to process the pending ban requests if being promoted. Due to lack of GM experience, I will moderately learn from other staff members. Meanwhile, I will remain calm and be professional to deal with every community members.

At the end, I would like to thank all the precious moderators for your dedication and commitment to the community. We do really appreciate your hard work to maintain the quality of our community. I will look forward to being a part of the community, long lives ENT!

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Re: [Gin_ entconnect]

Postby KingKar » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:02 pm

Gin is active member of the dota community. The staff needs more volunteer support , to process
ban reports. I support for trial !

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