Vouch Request from Legion90

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Re: Vouch Request from Legion90

Postby FadingSuns » Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:52 pm


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Re: Vouch Request from Legion90

Postby epicdeath » Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:28 am

legion 90 replays

replay 1: ea turr mix

- spawn start- you definitely sent in the wrong replay here but it's what I've got so I'll watch it

- you add malf for 2-normally I'd say go malf over spawn but your team doesnt appear to have any hold so spawn is okay here

- the wisp on 4 was late, do maths!

- nice hold vs their 4 send although I would say if your plan initially was to go 5/1 fast then I would definitely recommend starting malf

- you were clearly unsure what to build for 5-eventually you went with a void dragon. It was a good decision actually-with either malf or mermaid you would have surely leaked

- you guys get immo so you just push here-I'm fine with that, you guys had scouted hydra x2 and your build is quite unlikely to hold a decent 7 send almost no matter what you do so I think pushing here was correct

- dont get an obliteration dragon when you're building for 10. Its really bad there-better to save for abno or make another void drag. If you look at the damages void drag adds 45-60~ pierce for $150 while obli drag adds 20~+some splash for $190-clearly not worth it on a level where the splash isnt desirable (edit: you rerolled on 5 I realise now but still would sell crab for abno/druid)

- turns out you have druid also, couple of things with that

1. spawn/druid is quite a nice build early (risk on 2-druid for 3 MOE 5 build/push for 7)

2. you definitely should have an ascendant instead of an obliteration dragon here

- you get kinda lucky to kill 2 bosses but still a pretty good result with 7/4

- build after 10 was fine

- overall this game was kinda weak. I didnt mind you starting spawn if your plan was to ob but even though they havent sent from 1-3 you are still 5/0 at the start of 4 when they had 2x slow kill on lv 1. So to my mind you've basically negatively impacted your push from lv1 due to unit choice but havent used the comparitive strength of said unit-holding- at all really. It turned out okay cus they send 4 and you guys got immo but I think the play overall was weak and a 7 send would be really bad for you guys if you didnt get immo.

replay 2 good game with semi into 7

- turret with egg start

- you hold warrior and push 4/0, nice

- I think pushing 5/0 here was a little risky-you can only 3 turrets like that which means you need to add a second egg which in general isnt great-also extremely risky vs potential resend 3 vs your priso, turret and ygg scout

- the placement of your second egg isnt good. it's okay for melee levels but on 4 and 8 it might not tank, it should be next to the first one

- you end up leaking 7 creeps here. Your build can hold but I think the 5th wisp was too much risk

- build 4+5 was good, glad you didnt think you needed 6 turrets on 5 with 2 egg. (5 turret 1 egg is 90% hold btw)

- I really dislike adding the harlot on 6, you cant expect a freehold 7 after sending 5 and seeing wave+holder and the harlot just makes you heaps weaker on 8+

- building with 7/2 was fine but the harlot really sucked-especially since you only made one. Anyway you cleared pretty well-lucky to not get a hermit tho and the bo went on both the eggs and both procced so it really went as well as it could have.

- dream spawn on 10 so big hold, build was fine anyway but pure turret is never particularly reliable

- you decide to stay 7/4, I wouldnt have personally but its preference and completely fine to def 14 since they had sui

- build was fine after 10-good decision to anti 14 overall with 3 heals and 4x clear you guys can reasonably expect to live 15, the messiah on 15 I guess was because you had nothing else :D

- overall the game was pretty solid. There were a couple of mistakes with overpush and unit choice but there were only pretty minor optimisations and the game was played well overall.

replay 3: ygg engi into semi ~~~~ ect

- ygg start

- you decide to go 4/0 for 3 but since you get 2 engi its a reasonably safe clear

- they send and you clear

- you go 5/1 and second yg 5-good build

- I think it was a good decision to go 7/2 and just 3rd yg. Keep in mind that 2 yg 2 engi can leak 6 so in a game where you have less income it might be safer to 6/2 and hold the 7th wisp unit you're sure you'll get the ygg, this game with 39 inc it wasnt a risk tho.

- a large part of the reason I liked your push this game was pink deciding to hades on 5 with like 4/0 or sth tk but he then overpushed pretty hard and just added lod instead of adding. This made your decision to push look worse when I think at the time (not knowing your adds besides engi) it was correct.

- you rerolled necro and decided to build for 10. Decision was fine and I really liked the build-the timestealer you made was a better use of gold than necromancer+add and you also positio
ed it well.

- autopilot build after 10, good to see you didnt take the advice to go for more TS, you're correct that with tok its not a good unit

- overall pretty much flawless game. Only thing to consider would be to try and cover 7 a bit more but without good adds I think your build was fine since you pushed nice and fast.

replay 4: random replay https://entgaming.net/findstats.php?id=11709645

- egg with engi start

- you should definitely place the egg on the wall, it clogs creeps on the wall and lets the splash be most effective. Also if you put the egg in the middle it lets it get surrounded and makes it much less likely to proc

- gonna need to SS test nico after this one :D calling straight 5 vs spawn 2x engi (ikik fast speed good push on u but still jackpot call XD)

- with egg on the wall 400 engi/egg should be a reliable hold on 4, you went 450 with the second egg again which is kinda awkward for later-6 in particular its kinda bad

- you guys leak 93 on 5 so we can unvouch nico rly

- good to see you went 7/4

- nice hold with the asc + Juice vs skip, good decision since you-being mutant- are pretty strong 12 in the case they skip and you're 7/5 with asc so you had a reasonable chance to snipe if they sent

- nice build after 10, you guys lose 18 race, honestly was a credit to your team in general to make it to a reasonably close 18 race after leaking 93 on 5, a solid part of that was you (and pink) pushing realy nicely and using the extra time to make yourselves nice and fat.

- Overall I think you played this game quite well, small positioning/build mistakes early but your push timing was nice and you leveraged the time+kg on 5 really nicely to make yourself fat to actually give your team a chance this game.

extra replay https://entgaming.net/findstats.php?id=11705025

- pyro start

- tribe behind is quite decent on 2 since it 2hits, you get a dino and hold, you also get enough feed for alpha+4th wisp. I think the tribe/alpha positioning is best like this since infront it dies too fast on 2, 3, 9 and 10 even though its nice for 5 and 8 infront

- the leak 3 was a bit unlucky, alpha and pyro overkilled some creeps and the atkspeed didnt proc very much either but 4 creeps is not a major issue and I think this game was fine to risk a bit since you werent weak any early levels

- you didnt need to add the tribe for 4-both pyro and alpha are much stronger on 4 than on 3 but no big deal

- minor note but for your 5 send when you asked if com-herm or bo is better bo will mostly be stronger. You actually had enough wood for furmit tho which would have been best imo, nothing wrong with sending more than 1 furb on 5 if it covers for a teammate's missing one

- minor push mistake on 5, you end up sitting on 7/2 with 50 unused $, 6/3 would have been better even if you needed to wait for it

- for god knows what reason enemy team decided to fullskip 7 with a holder and you guys sending 5 so your 7/2 which I called a mistake ended up being pro and you get a freehold. I think 6/3 would have still been better since the skip was frankly stupid from them but it definitely worked out for you

- nice build for 10, unlucky that your T1 was para-spawnblock would have really helped here since you got pretty unlucky with focus.

- nice build after arena, pd tot rly nice with ur backline and nice hold 15

- overall nice game, leak 3 was a bit unlucky but I think was a reasonable way to play it with your feed, most games with this build you'll probably be 3/0 (if they sent 2) and adding a t1/t2 anyway. t1 at spawn on 10 would have been great but your t1 was parasite so... its not really an option for you :p. Overall nice build just make sure to do maths to optimise the push.

Overall, you're a solid player and you appear to play consistently with nice early push. From what I've seen there are 2 main things to keep in mind.
1. Make sure you dont overpush as holder. It's fine to stay low-even 2/0- if that's what the team needs. Dont feel overly pressured into playing greedy and being individually fattest every single game (note that with some rolls it can definitely be correct to do this), focus on what your team as a whole needs.

2. when you're a full yolo make sure to always do maths with your push. A couple of times it could have been optimised a bit (6/3 over 7/2 ect) and while it is fairly minor its also really easy to improve on. I suppose this kinda ties in with always having a plan for the next few levels, it needs to be a flexible plan but it does need to exist.

Last thing @legion90 I'll vouch you now as legion90@wc3connect but if you want this changed (discord and ingame name must match) PM any of the mods that are online and we can do that easily.

Best of luck in your trial.

Congratulations on being accepted for trial into the Legion TD Mega In-house League! Fun opportunities and challenging higher quality games are awaiting just for you!
Here are a few things you need to make sure you do:
Read the rules and information section thoroughly: LIHL Rules & Information.
Get to know who your Moderators are: LIHL Staff.

As a new member to the LIHL community, you will be placed on a trial status for approximately 3 weeks. As a trial member you will be given the same rights and privileges as any other member of the LIHL. However, as a trial member, your performance and attitude will be monitored closely by the Moderators. We understand that it may take some time to adjust to LIHL game plays, but we expect that you will learn and adjust quickly.
Moderators reserve the right to revoke your vouch status at any time during your trial period without notice due to poor performance or attitude. If you do pass the trial period and become fully vouched, we expect you to maintain high levels of performance and a good attitude - an expectation for all of our members. There are extensive unvouch and ban protocols in place to ensure compliance.
LIHL appreciates your interest and is delighted to welcome you. Happy Gaming! :)

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Re: Vouch Request from Legion90

Postby legion90 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:25 pm

Thanks too all people who supported me, yeah i will keep those points in mind. If possible i would like to have a bit longer trial, cause i am going to Cyprus from the 21st - 26th of april. Anyway i will do my best and thanks for the chance :)

I will also try to change my name from legion to paschy in the tech support, hope they will manage to do it. :)

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Re: Vouch Request from Legion90

Postby point » Thu May 30, 2019 6:58 pm

support. he showed more than enough lvl for being vouched imo

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Re: Vouch Request from Legion90

Postby paschy90 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:26 pm

Thanks man :) I am currently a bit busy with real life stuff, but I am going to be more active again :)

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Re: Vouch Request from Legion90

Postby FadingSuns » Thu Jun 06, 2019 3:06 pm

point wrote:support. he showed more than enough lvl for being vouched imo

think the same

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Re: Vouch Request from Legion90

Postby Anda » Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:57 pm


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