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Re: Hodor

Postby Crey » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:33 am

«Harlot holder» replay: You started harlot and frost wolf, I would make 2 mines instead of wolf. I like that you made 7 harlots still for lvl7 even with immo, yellow was forcing stupid full 7, sadly you still burned 2 heals cause of it. Have to add if I were you that game I would blame all your teammates hardly, because they were talking shit all game. You had big balls not to do it even when you are much better player than they are, good job. Decent replay.

«sprite knight semi» replay: You started sprite and added 2 cavas for lvl7, I would start knight with 1/0 and make 3 cavas for lvl7 because your adds sucked. But I got your decision, you planned to push and when you see enemy goes straight7 you decided to hold also which makes a sense(you already had dead engi and another dead lane would be bad). For lvl10 you upped 2 thunderbirds with 7/4, was not good decision (thunderbirds are not op now like they were before, even sprites are better than tb), push 7/5 and add knight was better choice since you cant hold lvl10. Anyway good replay.

«engi» replay: Well first of all was strange decision to sell malfs from your first roll, you can mix them very nicely with engi. Red also had pure engi, so was right choice to save malfs. You got perfect start for engi tho, 7/3 lvl5 was nice and you got a lot of time cause enemy sent lvl5. Perfect king control lvl5 and lvl7 HOOOOODOOOOORRRRRR. Nice game.

«turret» replay: Perfect replay, cant even add something :D

«LoD magna» replay: Again cant add any thing! Very good replay.

So, I can say that after long break you are still top player with great knowledge and skill. Im happy to vouch you back, wish you good luck and hope you farm dafuker’s luck and get top1 soon!

Hodor is vouched.

Congratulations on being accepted for trial into the Legion TD Mega In-house League! Fun opportunities and challenging higher quality games are awaiting just for you!
    Here are a few things you need to make sure you do: As a new member to the LIHL community, you will be placed on a trial status for approximately 3 weeks. As a trial member you will be given the same rights and privileges as any other member of the LIHL. However, as a trial member, your performance and attitude will be monitored closely by the Moderators. We understand that it may take some time to adjust to LIHL game plays, but we expect that you will learn and adjust quickly.
      Moderators reserve the right to revoke your vouch status at any time during your trial period without notice due to poor performance or attitude. If you do pass the trial period and become fully vouched, we expect you to maintain high levels of performance and a good attitude - an expectation for all of our members. There are extensive unvouch and ban protocols in place to ensure compliance.
        LIHL appreciates your interest and is delighted to welcome you. Happy Gaming! :)

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        Re: Hodor

        Postby Tom_hardy » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:04 pm


        The recent events and the following personal conversations with one of our team got us thinking hard about your trial.

        Usually a Ragequit alone is enough to denie your trial, let alone the lynchmob mentality afterwards or the stubborness about the decision that was made or the DMs towards one of the mods that went into harassment territory, without the slightest intention to understand his position.
        Of course you dont have to agree with every decision made, that goes without saying, but after an appeal, hours of blameful conversations and even public insults of our work it was just too much during a time where you should show your very best.
        Working with the mods to a certain degree is essential.

        However, on the other hand, there was mostly positive feedback from ingame experiences with you, and we do value you as part of our community, so we will not denie your trial yet. That being said, we will prolong it as long as we see fit. It is mandatory for you to work with and not against us from now on. If this is unclear or something comes up in the future, I want you to DM me about it.

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