[Guide] In the beginning there was HELL

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[Guide] In the beginning there was HELL

Postby SendOn18 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:54 am

Hey guys I'm Kyle/SendOn18LuL, making my way to the ENT forums. I have been quite busy at BK the last two months perfecting my HELL strategies and have decided to put together a working guide on our favorite LTD variation Enjoy!

This is a work in progress at it's earliest rough draft phase. All information included is valid and useful. Missing at this point are: pictures of possible build formations/positions and detailed information about any specific turrets. Levels after 10. General tips/tricks/strategies.

Anyone that would like to add to or suggest changes to anything here feel free to comment, hoping for alot of feedback and help to make this guide the best it can be!! Thanks for your time everyone,
Send On!!!

Tips and Strategies!!
1- Most expensive turrets with heavy armor and/or slow attack speed are usually not good choices for level 1 as the hermit will focus them down quick and the turret does way more damage than needed to kill the spawns that early. Massing good cheap melee is the best way to start the game outside of good lumber start turrets which we will go over later.

2- The King in HELL is very important to upgrade. There are very few cases where you will not need your king upgraded, you will learn more as you gain experience. A good goal line for upping the king would look like this. Level 30 atk by end of level 5. Level 20 regen and 30 HP by the end of level 7. Then either save for a send on level 10 or if your team thinks you cannot hold 10 max king and send what you have left. These values make sure your king can be fully healed at 32,400 HP and will not be shredded like paper because he has no regen if you leak on 10. Attack is most important as if you can't kill anything you won't survive to begin.

3- Teamplay in HELL is very important. There are only 3 lines but there is so much gold involved that a solo send will never make it to the king unless the enemy team is weak to the level. If that is the case, urge your teammates to save and send with you for much better results! Communicating when you are pushing lumber or may leak helps your team prepare their build plan accordingly. Also if you play Solo Lane (Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow) You can build units for your lane partner up to the second mark in the center. Sharing auras is always helpful in clearing waves and building a more powerful, diverse army of turrets. Crossing in HELL is strongly NOT recommended as splits can get very bad with 100s of units spawning every round.

4- Keyboard playing is something you will want to learn to save alot of time and headaches! Learn the F keys and letter keys for upping king and barracks and you will be much more efficient with your sending and lumbering. My favorite trick with hotkeys is as soon as the game starts to always press F1 and W to start training a wisp as soon as possible. Once you choose your builder if you see that you cannot clear with an extra wisp, just Press F1 and ESC and you will cancel the wisp before it is done.

5- Moving of turrets is allowed in HELL. You may move any turret one time per upgrade. However if you are playing as Hybrid builder, you may not move a turret until you upgrade it. It is very useful sometimes to put a more vulnerable unit in the back until it is upgraded then move it up front or to put an expensive unit up front early to tank aggro until later when you have a bigger mass and can move it back in your formation.

6- Lumber pushing is the most important thing in the game next to holding your wave. Try to focus on building so that you can get as much lumber and wisps built as possible in the first few levels. You will learn and become more comfortable with what units and formations can hold the more you play. I know you have enough gold on green line for an LoD and flying machine level 1, but there is no need for that machine, overbuilding will hurt you in this game because it is a race to level 10 most times.

7- Speaking of green line, Dual lanes (Teal, Green) get more gold to start the game than other lanes but also have 20% more spawns so some builds that might work in other lanes will not work over here. Always play is safe or you'll be sorry when playing on dual lane, you are the strongest person on the team and have the most gold. If you are newer to the game I would not suggest taking Dual lane unless you are confident with your build formation/ turrets/ and lumber pushing.

8- Frontline/Backline spacing. For most builds you will want to have your back line 2-3 rows behind your frontline so that the spawns do not aggro your weaker damage dealing backline turrets when trying to circle around the front line. You will see a big difference in build possibilities the more you experiment around with spacing!

Level 1-10 General Guidelines

Level 1- Crabs(Value: 450/495) Pierce/Unarmored---120 +11 Gold
Level 1 is pretty overwhelming for newcomers. The goal here generally is massing towers to clear unless you have one of the more powerful splash damage turrets in the game, i.e. Hawk->Green Dragon, LoD, Giant Spider. With any of those you are almost 100% clearing and can start lumber very fast as those units almost hold level 2 solo as well, usually just adding any other turret will clear, LoD holds 2 solo easy. The most important part of the early levels is to get a good lumber pace set up and figuring out which combonation of turrets/formation is going to be best. Generally it is safest to have medium or heavy armor tanks to clear here. Up lumber as much as possible but keep enough gold for your next build. Send a hermit level 1 to try and get any splash damage turrets like dragon aspect to leak.

Level 2- (Value: 700/770) Normal/Unarmored---150 +12 Gold
For level 2 you want to add a 2nd tank to your frontline and upgrade T1 magic towers such as acolyte or spectre. Lumber as much as you can. No send here.

Level 3- (Value 1150/1265) Normal/Medium---133 +13 Gold
If you are playing with medium armor front line you need to upgrade and add to frontline only this level. If you have any heavy armor units to put in front they will help. If enemy cleared 2 extra slow or leaked alot resend hermit and/or furbolg for this level.

Level 4- (Value 1800/1980) Pierce/Heavy---120 (Range) +14 Gold
Heavy armor is GOLDEN for this level. The pierce damage doesn't do alot to your tanks and magic damage turrets such as revenent/wraith/helicopter will rip through this level. Be careful with formation. If you don't have enough front line units or balance of damage you can get surrounded easily and leak. No send here unless they have leaked all 3 levels, send chariot mass.

Level 5- (Value 2150/2365*) Magic/Light---120 (Air) +35 Gold
Medium armor tanks are best for level 5. Turrets such as Maverick/Furlbog/magnataur/tree of time are best tanks for here. Splash damage works really well against them as they fly very close together. If enemy is weak send furlbog/chariots/Blood Orcs depending on their turrets.

Level 6- (Value 2800/3080) Seige/Fortified---100 +40 Gold
Honestly the easiest level in non -ac version. If you were behind on lumber or were leaking, this is where you will catch up! By now make sure to have good balance in frontline and backline and aim for 9/5 lumber by this point. No send here.

Level 7- (Value 3400/3740) Peirce/Light---85 +45 Gold
Very tricky level. Satyrs are very fast so slow auras such as magnataur and tree of time are very useful here. A good front line of heavy or fortified armor and solid pierce or magic damage will shred through this level. Dragon splash also works very well here as they are heavy armor and can tank some at start then drop aggro after start if you put dragon in front line. If you have been upping king all game the end of this level is where you ideally would like to start saving if everyone is ok in lumber and units. Alot of people send on level 7 but all of the king skills are able to clear any leaks quite easily.

Level 8- (Value 4000/4400) Magic/Medium---105 (Range) +52 Gold
Also a tricky level. For 8 once again the medium armor tanks are best suited vs the magic damage. By now your front line should be set, and you will begin to build/upgrade your backline to help deal with the range in this level/prepare for 10. If the enemy king looks weak to level 8 and has stomp or immolation, organize a send with your team of chariots/wyverns/commanders/furlbogs and you can sometimes get a heal ,or, in extreme cases with an un upgraded enemy team, win the game. If you are fed or have income over 125 after level 7, up lumber one more time at start of this level to a max of 9/7. Anything over 9/7 is usually inefficient gold/send return and could cause you to leak 10.

Level 9-(Value 4650/5115) Normal/Heavy---125 +60 Gold
This level is the 2nd easiest level in the game. By now you should be making final preparations for level 10 by upgrading your backline damage and adding any auras or tanks that you will need. No lumber or send for this level.

Level 10-(Value 5500/6050) Chaos/Light---10 +150 Gold
BOSS TIME. This is what HELL is all about. Level 10. Make sure to spend ALL gold and send ALL lumber because this is where 90% of all games will end. Your focus for building is to make sure you have enough dps to try and kill the bosses as fast as possible before the sends arrive. Most tank turrets will still die in 3-5 attacks other than Fortified tanks and lucky Ancient Wandigoos. Do not get me wrong! You must have a strong front line for this level. If you don't have tanks, all of your damage turrets will die in 1 attack and you will leak BIG. Remember that balance is key, between back and front line and types of damage and armor. The majority of the time the best send will best massing melee militia/ghouls/warriors and saving 720(1020) for pudge/panda(warlock) however if teams have alot of good splash damage massing chariots can be more effective. Blood orcs also work well vs splash or multi target turrets as long as they aren't magic damage. Massing warriors is a pretty good trick as they can stun the enemies turrets and king making it very hard to clear.
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Re: In the beginning there was HELL (Guide)

Postby dragonizer » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:20 am

SendOn18 wrote: Level 10. Make sure to spend ALL gold and send ALL lumber because this is where 90% of all games will end.

Where did you get this percentage from? Or is it just an estimate?

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Re: In the beginning there was HELL (Guide)

Postby SendOn18 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:25 am

Just an estimate. Also based off of non -AC. Like I said is a work in progress :) Appreciate the feedback!

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Re: In the beginning there was HELL (Guide)

Postby HELLRAlSER » Wed May 03, 2017 2:11 pm

Hi @SendOn18

Interesting read. If you need any additional info don't hesitate to ask!

I will move the guide to the guide section. For the matter of fact, you made the first guide for HELLHALT TD as far as I know!

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