Off the game but still a suggestion

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Off the game but still a suggestion

Postby frozenLlama101 » Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:00 pm

Nothing too much but in the future for less experienced players - when you are making patchnotes and you change something in a creep wave

-Centaur(wave creep)
*Hp from 995 to 1005

Type it like this insted:

-Centaur [wave 15]
*Hp from 995 to 1005

or as category it self in the patch notes


15 - Centaur
•´Hp increased from 995 to 1005

22 - Mammoth
• Hp Increased from 2300 to 2500

This will help new players who knows where to find the patch notes to be extra/less prepared for the wave even in their first game after a new patch.
And another thing... i guess you talk with ent what version should be released on thier bots so they don't just host the betas so when the ent hosts the new version of the map a combined patchnotes for all changes since the last update would be nice :D

Last thing: i think there is a bug on some or all heroes (PotM have it atleast) units does not have the "round in progress" unit as a requirement so in the last second before a match you are able to upp them (after the quick upp/build ticks in)

Great work on the map - love it. The champion system is great :)

EDIT: i am a map maker my self (haven't gotten any popular maps out yet though) but i make patch notes from time to time and i can suggest using Google Docs as a Doc for the final notes... (i post mine like this: 0.97 Patch notes)

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Re: Off the game but still a suggestion

Postby HELLRAlSER » Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:29 pm

@frozenLlama101 Ty for the suggestions, I will do it like that specially the first part.

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