[HHTD] Tigger

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[HHTD] Tigger

Postby crnagora » Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:01 pm

Replay Link: http://storage.entgaming.net/replay/vie ... 647647.w3g
Game Name: HELLHALT TD #88
Your Warcraft III Username: crnagora
Violator's Warcraft III Username: Tigger
Violated Rule(s): Refusing to cooperate by sending alone and not save-send with teammates to win.
Time of Violation (in-game or replay): 18:34 started sending during lvl 9 for lvl 10 solo

Any further thoughts:

(14:40 / Allied) Tigger: i am sending 10
(14:51 / Allied) crnagora: we cant hold
(15:02 / Allied) crnagora: up
(15:02 / Allied) Tigger: then it is over one way or another on 10
(15:04 / Allied) Tigger: fuc not
(15:06 / Allied) Tigger: fuck no
(15:17 / Allied) crnagora: no its not us 2 are uping so you must up with us
(15:35 / Allied) Tigger: i am not prolonging this game
(16:04 / Allied) crnagora: but you have to folow rules
(16:09 / Allied) Tigger: i am
(16:18 / Allied) crnagora: which rule
(16:31 / Allied) Tigger: i am n ot going to say right now as it will be undone
(16:46 / Allied) crnagora: solo sending forbiden
(16:53 / Allied) Tigger: you are 100% correct
(17:00 / Allied) crnagora: then max king
(17:03 / Allied) Tigger: k
(18:34 / Allied) blobbyboy: just report him for solo sending
(18:42 / Allied) crnagora: yeah kinda

So he got angry he had bad early game (leaked few levels) so he wont prolong this winnable game with teamkilling. He send 2000-3000 wood for 10 and that much wood would bring us victory 14 bacause they survived with 10% HP and beat us 17. After 10 he went 9/13 lumbers making me more value army then his, and he is on solo lane which is ridicilous. Probably angry try to tk again and it was success.

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Re: [HHTD] Tigger

Postby Merex » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:11 pm

Banned 2 days.
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