[LTD] meshotawhiteman

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[LTD] meshotawhiteman

Postby youngp33 » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:09 pm

Replay Link: https://entgaming.net/findstats.php?id=11663899
Game Name: [ENT] Legion TD Mega #59
Your Warcraft III Username: Youngp33
Violator's Warcraft III Username: meshotawhiteman
Violated Rule(s): Solo send
Time of Violation (in-game or replay): Level 5/14
Any further thoughts: Solo sends, no warning or anything, just sends and tells you every to send, did it on lvl5, then does the same on lvl14, just started sending warlocks and said "mass locks" on lvl 14, none of us went along with him just as on lvl 5, if he dint solo send 14, we could of sent 15 and potentially have a race to win, instead of sending 17 because teal lost all his lumber on 14.... also, the enemy dint leak 1 spawn despite him sendin like 9 locks.

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Re: [LTD] meshotawhiteman

Postby Astros » Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:35 pm

meshotawhiteman tells his team to send at level 5 during level 3. His entire team tells him not to send/solo-send at that level. Teal proceeds to solo send.

Does the same for level 14 and doesn't seem to care.

(32:00 / All) mr_munchie: tyvm
(32:00 / All) gekkenSUCKS: ?
(32:01 / All) youngp33: thats right, we have a solo sender
(32:05 / All) gekkenSUCKS: ah o
(32:07 / All) merge5win: just ff lol
(32:07 / All) mr_munchie: feels bad

mr_munchie (pink), opposite team, thanks teal for solo-sending the warlocks so even the enemy team is aware teal is pretty much solo-sending.

Reading the chat as well, teal seems trollish and disregards the advice/refuses to listen to his teammates. He should be banned for refusing to cooperate.
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Re: [LTD] meshotawhiteman

Postby legiontdgrrr » Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:35 am

meshotawhiteman is banned 2 days for solo send
at lvl 5 hermit (1), tho didnt didnt agree on 5 send ,but he still solo send
at lvl 14 warlock(7) and again he ask 14 send no1 agree ,still solo sends
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