[LOD] Indifferent@entconnect

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[LOD] Indifferent@entconnect

Postby Desire » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:10 pm

Replay Link: https://entgaming.net/openstats/game/11669656/
Game Name: [ENT] LoD -sds6bod3os #68
Your Warcraft III Username: notaqtpatootie
Violator's Warcraft III Username: indifferent
Violated Rule(s): intentional feeding.
Time of Violation (in-game or replay): 7:15-7:36
Any further thoughts: Player proceeded to intentionaly feed one kill mid in the early game.
Won't issue a ban to non-kickers because the rules violated ended after 7.36.
(07:07 / Allied) Indifferent: im eating a creep
(07:09 / Allied) Indifferent: you stupid cunt
(07:11 / Allied) Indifferent: ping me again
(07:18 / Allied) Indifferent: have fun
(07:32 / All) Indifferent: i told him ping me again
(07:34 / All) Indifferent: and he pinged me
(09:41 / Allied) Indifferent: i will int
(09:43 / Allied) Indifferent: if you ping me

Banned 1 day.

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