banned for leaving a draw'd game

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banned for leaving a draw'd game

Postby MercwithaMouth » Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:09 pm

Your Warcraft III username: inconceivable
Realm/Gateway: west
Why are you banned: banned for leaving a draw'd game
Why you should be unbanned: IT WAS DRAWN

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Re: banned for leaving a draw'd game

Postby EdgeOfChaos » Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:16 pm

It wasn't drawn. One of the users faked a bot message which provoked you into leaving. That leave made the game an auto-draw.

(00:55 / Allied) Maddy: its draw
(01:06 / All) Manant: The game has now been recorded as a raw. You may leave anytime.
(01:10 / Allied) Manant: OLololOL
(01:11 / All) yunyun.: Inconceivable has left the game voluntarily.
(01:11 / QUIT) Inconceivable: Left
(01:11 / All) yunyun.: Two players have left in the first few minutes.
(01:11 / All) yunyun.: This game has been marked as a draw. You may leave at any time.

You are unbanned, and I'm banning the user who faked the bot message in a min.
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