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Postby azertyker » Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:49 am

Your Warcraft III username: aZerTyker / bl@me_me / Wolverine.Vnr / [:))]Wolv / TaKe_a_Bre@K / blame_me
Why are you banned: by Ra!n of shit
Why you should be unbanned: cause i'm small dick

Hello guys ! ! !
Just wanna told you I find a new game for me, it's faster, brainless and for small dicks >>>>> Fortnite ! !
You will never see me again on ENT servers cause I'm banned for 12 months. PLZ PLZ DON'T BAN ME ! ! ALL MY LIFE IS DOTA ! ! ! !
Thx to Rain, a nice admin changing apem game to sdem game cause he can(I know what is it I'm admin to)
I see he ban bigger range of microsoft IPs for me, I'm glag but just with my thinkpad carbon + 4G and I play it shadow for fun...
I wanna say thx to all players call me cheater or maphacker, you can't undestand how is a big compliment for guy like me.
Sinon pour les Fr et la team apg, je laisse une trace numérique. j'ai play ici pendant 2 ans avec pas mal de noob mais aussi des gens cool que j'ai pu rencontrer. Big up à savage, cocolo, masstr + ceux que j'ai vu IRL pour le paintball >>> GS6R, canibal et astroboy.
Si je survis à mon cancer je vous tiendrai au jus.

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Re: Blame_me

Postby Unitil » Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:41 am

Not exactly an appeal.


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