Return to old version BS Pro please.

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Return to old version BS Pro please.

Postby Lipton » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:43 pm

Hi, How are you?
I really thank you for all your help of ENT, first.

Can you return to old version BS Pro please?
It was good try to make a new version patch.
But, when I contact the map of new one, 'Must be he's bothered from sader many time editor' I thought.
(It's not a bad feeling word to editor, I just want to say imba patch of the map. Please don't misunderstand about that.)

have to consider all ships and weapon, not only crusader.

The old map(BS Pro v.1.199) was played by many player during long time already.
also, that means balance was good.
(new ver. map has many imba problem. gold, creeping, structure, item, etc.)
(It's not a problem about pretest.)
I wish I have more time to play with many ppl in good balance BS Pro.
many player has same thinking with that.

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Re: Return to old version BS Pro please.

Postby khspww94 » Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:57 am

I would actually agree with what Lipton had put forth, to certain extent, all the old map needs is just to fix the bug issues that I have pointed to you in the other thread. Other than that, I don't really see any problem lies within the old version. Its pretty much balanced and everyone is used to it be it in Public games or even Private hosted games. The fact that it is limited in its ships and weapons is meant for the purposes of playing at a different level as the title of the game reads i.e Battleships Pro instead of Battleships Crossfire where you can combine weapons and choose from wide selection of ships.

Maybe, what ENT should have done is that continue hosting the old version as it it while you and your team ( @PrescottRX @uakf.b @aRt)Y @HazarDous )proceed on making the map better and allow players to beta test it on privately hosted instead of making everyone now try it. Until unless, there is a balanced version from the development of the map, I would really suggest the old version should be remain hosted at any point of time. In any event, the old map still retains and the old players can also rejoice their fun instead of blindly trying the game with the new map which they are unfamiliar with.

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