Civilization Wars thougts

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Civilization Wars thougts

Postby rilgrease » Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:56 pm

As a veteran player on Civilization Wars the top lane is kinda one sides and boring 2 play, even when it is one of the most imporant lanes in early-mid game so I propose that there should be some changes for top lane.
- Dromons are considered useless right now, no one uses them because pente spam is just better in general.
- the cost of tireme to carrack is too expensive, since it gets too easily countered by caravel + pente spam
- tech chivalry wont do anything for top.... (maybe it would be fun it there is a ship that can take over another ship, it spawns with 0 attack and can just be used as a good meat shield, with a limit of a max to build for each player)

Other thoughts:)

There should be additional income from mid since mid players only fight mid to get side lanes maxed and they just do timing pushes to get the food for team. It isnt a lane where people really fight about because it is possible to play without mid lane for team. The bonus system for top and bot also increases over time (medieval, industrial, modern) while mid only stays 4 food forever. Maybe it is interesting to add increase in elite chance bonus from controlling mid since mid players intend to use more gold in mid lane and less in side lanes when other mid can go invest in side lane fully!
Another idea is to put 50% percent from the bonus resources from side lanes also into mid. For example is top bonus is 30 gold with 3 points. It should be 15 for just controlling mid (so side lanes wont get to much behind if ih game play chooses to push side lanes).


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Re: Civilization Wars thougts

Postby Jabba41 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:04 pm

Moved to the developer subforum.
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Re: Civilization Wars thougts

Postby XGDeath3 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:39 pm

Some quick things before I leave for work.

I know there were top lane updates in the work, but the beta might have been pushed off for a long while due to real life.
Carracks are more of a rush mechanic than a standard unit - Think Pony Raiders or fire archers or catapults.
Dromons DO take over other ships.
Bonus from mid is already incredibly strong and does scale as the game progresses. I am not sure that it needs to be buffed further. (In case you were unaware, mid lane provides gold per market for ALL markets in which you control the corresponding lane.) If your mid laner isn't fighting for his lane, he is doing you a great disservice in terms of overall team gold and pushing options.

Please keep the thoughts coming though, I love reading up on what other players are thinking. :) And I can't speak on behalf of Civiliznations, so maybe he will agree with you. I just wanted to get my responses out.
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