Returning to Normal

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Returning to Normal

Postby aRt)Y » Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:28 pm

Hey guys,

after now nearly two weeks, ENT has managed to fix most of the bots. The bots' configuration remains as usual, just the keys are changed which works fine for now and the league is operating now, too, again. There might still be one or two bots left but don't worry, they will get back. Feel free to join ENT's games again! :)

As for the website, everything has returned to normal. If you've any support requests, feel free to ask. ENT has great, new staff members who will help you. If you still have questions, join our Discord. :) We recently added game channels, too, which you can join by using !join <group>.

Regarding the "hack", we are glad that most Warcraft 3 communities have supported us. In times as these, uniting is more important than ever. We sincerely appreciate your kind words. We already mentioned that we've 2-3 suspects and we would like to shed some light on that after we received intel of another community's lead staff member.

You might have noticed that the clan channels have been on lock-down prior to the website breach. Apparently, the channel spamming was just one step in their "grand scheme" to draw our attention (which, apparently, they considered as a fun idea). The attackers had insider knowledge thanks to a former ENT Head Administrator/Manager which explains the rapid actions and altering of internal pages. The community behind all this, or at least members of it, is (now merged with In particular, their community member 'Scriv' (at least the alias we are aware of). He spammed Warcraft 3 clan channels (ENT, BTI, perhaps others) with their forum website (1, among other instances) while and after we restored our forums.
Scriv wrote:on bnet, i told him the stealthbot campaign was step 1 of taking down ENT
and then bam, hacked the next day

Enterprise Gaming is a community such as many others. We offer free services and support and we don't really mind where the Warcraft 3 users play. It remains a mystery to us as to why we deserved this. Anyway, be aware of what methods they use if you choose to interact with them.

While ENT's Staff Dept. can be blamed for many things in regards to the bots' crisis management, we are no experts ourselves, so it is probably justified. Nonetheless, we tried to handle the situation as good as possible by centralizing information and avoiding spreading of misinformation was key to us.

We are fully aware that things can't stay as they are forever. Therefore, we are considering merging with another community to ensure future technical implementations, strengthening our infrastructure and continuing to nurture the player base. Time will tell how it goes.

Stay with ENT and join us on our future adventures! <3
    Information, Rules, Guides and everything else you need to know about ENT is on the ENT Wiki.
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Re: Returning to Normal

Postby HazarDous » Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:33 am

Channel bots are now back on Clan ENT channels. You may use them to validate your accounts, view games' status (!g <gamename>), host games, and more. See wiki for more details.
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