Birth of the Legion TD Team League!

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Birth of the Legion TD Team League!

Postby aRt)Y » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:44 pm

Hello everyone,

we are glad to announce that the 1st season of the Legion TD Team League (LTL) will take place very soon. LTL is a mixture of the league and tournament formats. It will be moderated by @FateStayNight, @n1ll3, @HugMeOnce, @Michonne and me, in collaboration with Broud3r and ENT Gaming. If you are interested in participating to what we hope to be a competitive cup-style atmosphere with your friends to prove everyone you are the best LTD players, or just to have fun, read the following announcement carefully.

The Legion TD Team League, as a mix of league and tournament, will consist of regular seasons, where teams can qualify for the playoffs which will occur after this season. Obviously, in the playoffs, qualified teams will fight for the first place! Another aspect that differentiates the Legion TD Team League from a Tournament is its length: following LIHL season, it will last for 3 months and will start on August 1st. The regular season is expected to last for 10 weeks and the playoffs, 2 weeks, but this is subject to change and official dates will come.


Read the full announcement here: viewtopic.php?f=305&t=113622
    Information, Rules, Guides and everything else you need to know about ENT is on the ENT Wiki.
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