Tweaking the power level of levels 12+

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Tweaking the power level of levels 12+

Postby Quetra » Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:59 pm

It's my experience currently (on Mega, don't know about 1200+) that after 12, you will essentially full hold every lane from sheer value alone if they don't send, even if your units are ill equipped for the waves strengths/weaknesses.

Because there is no danger of leaking unless they send, people tend to build to counter one wave in particular on which the enemy will send.

My suggestion would be to strengthen each wave after 12 quite significantly to the point at which you will need to build some units geared at countering that specific wave or risk leaking even without send. To counterbalance this, you would either nerf the power of more expensive sends or make the king stronger after 10 (or both), as otherwise save sends would always result in a kill.

Here is what I see as the pros of this:
-A greater variety of units become useful at different points in the game, rather than spamming one single type of unit. There would be a tradeoff between building to hold non send waves and getting extra gold, and losing effectiveness against the wave they will actually send on. Imo this would make for more interesting gameplay.
-This would make it more viable to send on multiple waves after 10 to force leaks and give your team a gold advantage rather than saving for one huge send: this could be interesting as you'll need to think about which is better based on their units/the game state.
-As it currently is, it's not that exciting to play LTD in the late game knowing you'll hold until their send, as you are essentially just waiting. People often draw after 21 because long games are tedious.

Please note this is from the perspective of a 900-1100 elo player with a couple of hundred hours played, so my opinion doesn't hold much weight: but I thought I'd share my thoughts anyway, as I enjoy theory crafting game balance.

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