Get together in teams and battle in cup-style.
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Postby Jamo » Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:20 pm

Dear LTL Players,

As you might have guessed already, LTL is pretty much dead. I guess it simply doesn't work to have a weekly obligation for Legion TD over a long period of time and find dates with team members and other teams (that are maybe not responding) every week again etc.

I still think LTL was a great idea (thx Fate) and I enjoyed the time we played a lot.

However, we have decided to officially announce that LTL Season 3 will end here and LTL itself will no longer be an active league here on ENT.

We think the future lies more in tournaments not lasting longer than a weekend (or week?) and I hope some tournaments will be done in the next time. I want to remind you that everybody can host tournaments on ENT and you (most likely) will have the support of the ENT administration, may use the infrastructure and even get prizes to award to the winners. So go ahead and organize a tourney, they were always so much fun! And we didn't have one since LTL started, or? I would do it myself, but I am too busy moving, having a new job etc currently. I will be willing to do so later this year though.

In the end, I just wanna thank everybody who was involved here, especially @Jabba41, @FateStayNight, @KiwiLeKiller and whoever I forgot moderated the first seasons :-P

Thanks and see you in Bnet,
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Re: R.I.P. LTL

Postby Anda » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:30 pm

Sad to hear this, i always tried to be a part of the solution rather then being a part of the problem.Thanks all LTL-Mods for their time spent and especially for jamo and jabba stepping up when things looked grim alrdy and try to awaken this one more time. I wish you gl in your personal life jamo, and as you know i always hold you dear as a close personal friend on this game. I hope you dont regret all the hours you , blatently speaking wasted in hindsight, cause you did what you believed to be the right thing. I and a lot of people, have a big amount of respect for that and say thank you from the bottom of the heart
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