SEASON 3 - Preliminary Announcement

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SEASON 3 - Preliminary Announcement

Postby Jamo » Fri Jan 26, 2018 10:06 am

Hey former, current and future LTL players,

As you might have already noticed, I am new Moderator of LTL. I cannot see this league die, so I want to help out bringing it back to live. It might take some time to come up with all the details and a fixed shedule, but I wanted to make this post to show you guys that me and @Jabba41 (and @FateStayNight when he can find the time) will be working on it from now on!

We don't have anything fixed yet and I am only in charge since last night. But with the following crude bullet points, I just want to light the spark that brings LTL back to life:
  • We will make a fresh start with Season 3. So consider Season 2 being canceled.
  • We will go back to more fixed shedules! Although a great idea to keep the shedule more open, it seems to have failed LTL. However, I have an idea to keep some flexibility, but more on that when we worked that out.
  • There will be adjustments on a few rules/gameplay. Will in the end be a mesh-up of the best things from Season 1&2 and new stuff (e.g. number of games or players and more)

That's it for the mini update for now. Please, if you want to keep this league alive as well, we need your activity! If you have any ideas, suggestions or wishes feel free to post them in this post.


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