Season 1 - Survey

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Season 1 - Survey

Postby KiwiLeKiller » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:51 pm


As you all know, this is the first season of LTL and we are aware things are not perfect yet. So in order to improve it as much as we can, and to receive feedback from our player pool, here is a survey we would like you to complete :

It is totally anonymous and not mandatory, but the more feedback we get, the better we can listen to you and the better we can improve!

This survey is mostly aiming to get the impressions of the players and the captains from the first season of the Legion TD Team League (LTL) regarding, not their performance as a team, but the functioning of the League. The feedback we will receive will help us improve the different aspects of the LTL.

The survey will go like this:
- General appreciation
- Regular season & Playoffs
- Match scheduling
- Point system & Team composition
- Discord & Social media

Please note that the main objective of this survey is to identify the aspects that need to be changed or improved and to get suggestions, if possible, directly from players. As you know, this was the first season of the LTL and it is far from being perfect yet.

Finally, unless you name yourself, this survey is completely anonymous.

Thank you!
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