LTL Season 2 Info

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LTL Season 2 Info

Postby FateStayNight » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:41 pm

First of all, we want to thank every team and player that had participate in the last season of LTL! We think we had a of lot nice matches and some suprising results.
While the season was running we got an good impression of what is already fine considering the shedule/rules but also where we have to make changes due to unspecific rules. We got alot of feedback from Kiwi´s survey, especially from the captains of the teams, their biggest complain was always the shedule inbetween different timezones. That is gonna change totally compared to the next season.
Our goal is to make the season more dynamic and reward those who are reliable on their shedules!

So what is going to be new?


- the regular season will be 8 weeks instead of 10
- instead of a fixed season shedule we now have an open dynamic one -> means you can play against every team, whenever you want, even if its just 1 map!
- Bo3 gets replaced -> every team will play 4 games against eatch other, 2-2 results are possible, which means that now the total amount of games(not matches) won will decide whether your team qualifies for the playoffs or not!

Bonus for completion of games

3 Wins for 100% completion
2 Wins for 90% completion
1 Win for 80% completion

This one is not stackable! (all teams can have this reward in the end, so its not gone when the first one finishes his games)

The idea behind this is that we want to reward those who a reliable and fast with their shedules.

3W for most completed games
2W for 2nd most completed
1W for third most completed
(upon completion of the regular season)

This reward on the other hand is reserved for the 3 fastes teams!


We felt that the results of the regular season weren`t too important, it was kind of just like whether you reach rank 1-8 or not.
This time we want to have the regular season to be more impact on the playoffs.

Double Elimination:
-This means the top 4 will start in winnerbracket (1.vs 4.) (2.vs 3.), a lose here means your team will continue in loserbracket.
-Rank 5-8 will start in the losers bracket (5.vs 8.) (6.vs 7.).

(will add a graphic here later on...)


The season 2 of LTL will be played on the new mapversion Legion_TD_Mega_3.43a2.w3x (currently used on the mega and 1200+ bot).

We will use the 1200+ rules:

For the general rules, always check here: (needs updates).


We feel that our league deserves a good coverage, so people can keep track of whats going on and not just play their own games.
To make this happen we will have a weekly stream by MickyTheMousie, he will stream the most exciting games and inform you about the standings at the scoreboard.

As a little extra, every player that has signed up will get a little note like this:

Player: 1007
Caller: IIIIII 6/5
Builder: IIII 4/5
Kingcontrol: II 2/5
Holder: IIIII 5/5
Suicider: IIII 4/5
Ragepotential: I 1/5
Note: Keeps 4 heals after 10 in 90% of his games, very low potential to rage incase of tk by his mates, instead he just keeps silence :D !


LTL Season 2 will start on the 27th of November 2017.
Because of Christmas (sry to our muslim friends) we will have a break of 1 week from 25th of Dez - 1 of January.
So the regular season ends on 21st of January 2018.

Bring your mates together and signup here!

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Re: LTL Season 2 Info

Postby magicpotatoes » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:40 pm

Player: Hazardous
Caller: I 1/5
Builder: I 1/5
Kingcontrol: I 1/5
Holder: I 1/5
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