Solution !

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Solution !

Postby Vendeta » Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:05 am

Season 1 of LTL was fun, it was very active, a bit less in the end, but still active.
This season, it seems like its dying. People dont play their games, so far only couple matches has been played.

People wanted to have free will for match schedulling; they wanted to be responcible thinking how they will play normaly without any time limits like last year (1 game per week was a rule), so now, guess what, they arent playing at all, and we will have last couple weeks full of unplayed games, and it will all just colapse. If LTL even lives untill then.

I think only solution here is to give back that old rule, 1 match per week has to be played, but u can play even more if u schedule it with another captain. Every team can gather 4-5 players to play 1 match in week, thats without any discussion. So, in my opinion thats the only thing that can save this new league.

Its sad if we just let this thing die, for me LTL is most fun, u play with friends, win some, lose some, but still u are among friends.

This is just my suggestion to LTL staff, and if i can help in any way possible, let me know, i will do it just to keep this league alive.

Peace !
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Re: Solution !

Postby Meshtar » Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:58 am

Not sure how it is with other teams, but in my team its not so much about scheduling, its about people not being online at all. If you take a look at lihl lobbies you will see that its the same 15-20 people playing every day with other 60 or so rarely being online. Not sure why that is but I guess its connected to the tk attendance in ltl too.

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Re: Solution !

Postby FateStayNight » Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:44 am

Well obviously we can see the problem, but everyone who signed for this season should have the intention to play, otherwise its pretty stupid to sign up in first place.
And this is no school or work where teachers, bosses tell you to do your homeworks.

The avg. age of this league is prolly between 25-35, so we can expect people to find 3 hours of their sparetime to play a match in a league, that they signed up for.

However it seems loosen up the rules for sheduling, allthough it was requested by almost everyone, doesnt seem to work too well.

We will leave this system like it is for at least another weak, maybe people need to adjust to it first.

In the meantime we will discuss bout a solution and see whether is needed or not.

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Re: Solution !

Postby inQ » Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:30 pm

I think we also need to put into consideration the time of the year. I noticed LIHL becomes less active certain parts if the year (i.e. when Europeans are on vacation mode) and I'm sure people are busy due to the Holidays / Christmas / end of the yeae etc. I myself have been less active lately due to personal life related to the Holidays so maybe we should avoid certain times throughout the year.

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