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Admin/moderators - Inconsistant

Postby jamil » Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:51 am


I may have posted this in the wrong place, but now I think it should be posted here. I have been told I am wasting admins time and will get a forum ban for reporting people and then questioning the outcome in certain cases.

We should have the right to have a 2nd opinion if we feel results of a report are not to our satisfaction.

My main concern here is the way I have been spoken to and been told I will get a forum ban??? for posting legitimate BRQs and questioning outcomes.

I can appreciate the hardwork it takes to go through all reports and do the admin job, but being spoken to like a complete idiot is unacceptable in any circumstances.

Review my topic and see what I have asked, tell me, is it really unreasonable what I have stated? did it deserve a response in the manner merex replied?

If you do the research to all of my BRQs they always have exact proof and info of where i feel the violator should get banned, if the report is denied, then so be it. But i have the right to have a 2nd opinion and also not be spoken to like a muppet.

Lastly, as per my report and topic in question, i feel if someone just leaves the game half way through, they should get a further ban as autoban simply is not long enough. Just leaving half way through is not only TK, it is comparable to selling all towers and definately a game ruin. I suggest we review the rule for leavers.

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Re: Admin/moderators - Inconsistant

Postby AmnoN » Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:14 pm

@jamil Auto-bans will not be adjusted as it is far too complicated a process for reasons that are mostly common sense (e.g. dc'ing vs plug pulling, legitimate reasons for having to leave, etc.). This is a very straight forward rule and should not require multiple reviews for a case - if the user was caught by the auto-ban, it is already solved for.

^This case that you mentioned was a simple 2-day auto-ban equivalent (nothing special happened here)

^This ban request would have been excessively painful to review; jumbled, a book in length, and not broken out or highlighted, etc.

^Your response here justifies a harsher response from the mod
So as per this decision....If i dont like my team, instead of doing intentional tk, instead of trying to play it out, I will just leave. Get banned for one hour and do it again whenever i feel like it.

So as per this post, I can confirm that i can just leave after a player merges me whenevr i want and its not classed as TK?

The only time when an auto-ban is worth reviewing for additional time added is in very special circumstances, including but not limited to boosting, clear intent to teamkill, etc. This complaint really has no grounds given past practices by the mod team as @merex handled it correctly and was clear on the rule.

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Re: Admin/moderators - Inconsistant

Postby Kappa » Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:14 am

I agree with @AmnoN here.

Ban requests regarding leaving are generally handled by auto-ban unless they are missed by the system. Users can check if this is the case and report it. The requests were handled properly here. Additional ban time is only given if there are clearly other violations in-game other than leaving.

Your ban requests in general are unnecessarily confusing and/or lack detail. We ask users to concisely report the rules violated along with timestamps to prove these claims. Leaving a game doesn't automatically mean teamkill as well and warrants a longer ban - Leaving and teamkilling (along with other violations) are separate issues. In the cases where other issues were present and correctly reported, the user was banned accordingly.

It appears that the leaving ban system was explained to in your ban requests but you kept posting regarding it and claimed our standards were not being upheld consistently - In a rude manner as well I'd say. Additionally, you already had a forum warning for posting nonsense/not helpful ban requests. Given all this, I don't think @Merex threatening a forum ban here is unreasonable.

You can ask for a second review but this is generally for more subjective bans and not bans regarding leaving as those are fairly clear cut - Nor do you ever clearly state you'd like a second review from another moderator. Both legiontdgrrr and Merex reviewed your leaving cases as well and gave fitting responses.

All ban requests here were handled correctly and I don't see any moderator actions that were out of line.

Complaint denied.

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