Hazardous unfair

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Hazardous unfair

Postby KingKar » Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:49 pm

This is just bullshit. Ive served more than enough time for what ive done and im still banned. I question Hazardous decisions as a mod and i do not think he knows what hes doing. Id also like to show some bullshit this mod says to me here,
(00:47:10) HazarDous: Keronamere
(00:47:25) HazarDous: PM me your account PW
(00:47:44) Keronamere: what is PW
(00:47:48) HazarDous: Password
(00:48:13) Keronamere: whydo you need it?.
(00:48:44) HazarDous: I won't tell you before I obtain your password, just know that this could only help you
(00:48:55) HazarDous: You're banned for 1 year anyway, you don't need it

and when i re appeal in 45 days he just says
"If that was just on me, I would let you serve the enterity of your ban. However, I will allow you the same treatment we give to maphackers and ban dodgers. You may re-appeal starting December 10th."

So im getting the same treatment as the worst rules to be broken in Ent, for what? a flame to some guy that was asking for it. People say stuff like this all the time and in game and you act like im the only one that did it.
@art)y you said i could re appeal asking for different mod of my choice. Well i think hazardous has no clue what hes doing and i want a serious decision from another mod. Just to be clear, ive served 1.5x my initial game ruin ban so that needs to be cleared out of the way. and now its just a flame Pm to someone else and this is same punishment of maphack and ban dodging. Ridiculous.

and @hyo i answered your 3 questions like u said. what was the point of it if your not going to take it seriously. All the answers i said were true and you can even look up my ip history. This is totally unfair and I want a different mod review this.
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Re: Hazardous unfair

Postby matdas » Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:55 pm

not sure why he asked you for account/password.

You talk about fairness, yet, you think you should be given the chance after what you did? I don't think so....

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Re: Hazardous unfair

Postby HazarDous » Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:50 pm

Ah well. I'll start by making this very clear.

I will elaborate on #'s later on.

1) You were banned for your 45852th game ruin offense by moderator Larz

2) You sent a PM that is completly horrific to another community member about 'Animal cruelty/family threats (Threatning user)'.. (Wed Sep 09, 2015 6:55 pm)

3) You were re-banned to 1 year because of it by moderator Larz (Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:43 pm)

4) You came to chat begging us to unban you and then you said that it was actually your friend who sent the PM.

5) You sent another PM to another member stating 'I will dodge and i'm too good for ENT to realize'' (Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:04 pm)

6) You appealed your ban (Thu Oct 22, 2015 1:42 pm)

7) You admitted to be the one who actually sent the PM message in your appeal. Relate to #4.
the third one is hard to explain in brief. At the time of the initial ban appeal i was receiving many disrespectful pmes from other players. Telling me i should leave, insulting. I have proof in my message boxes. I sent back a reply message to one of the person that was flaming me that contained personal experiences. The message was meant get him off my back because all he does is stalk me and posting numerous ban requests against me. because of some quote from other mod getstomped "I can't do anything based on words (borderline bragging....) alone." I thought this meant I could not get in trouble for such actions. If i had known this gives me 1 yr ban i would not have done it. I did not know and i was not given warning.
I have not spoken to him since and I will not bring the subject again. I will make sure to use appropriate flame and im aware I might have took it too far, but i have served a lot of days and im ready to go back now.

8) Your appeal was denied by me for good reasons.

9) Now, you make a complaint on me because I deny your appeal and claim I am unfair... but not on Larz because he banned you? I don't see the logic.

Well, I don't think I need to further explain why I denied your appeal beside the fact that you're a psycopath, ruin games left and right, lie compulsively AND, last but not least, send threatful message to other members about their family. That last part, (for me atleast), is completly unnaceptable.

Regarding your Password/Account.. Well, I always try to see the best side of everyone. As weird as it might look, I actually wanted to check your wc3's friends list to see if you had any. Because the Private Message sure indicates you have mental illness and don't seem to experience empathy. Had it turned out you did have friends (atleast on wc3), I would have been more open to believe your ''my friend sent that Private Message, not me'' story.

However, I made it clear that it was your decision, but that it could only help you.


Re: Hazardous unfair

Postby Hatedmaru » Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:52 pm

Posting an ban appeal doens't guarantee you will be unbanned, thats the first point

for what? a flame to some guy that was asking for it. People say stuff like this all the time and in game and you act like im the only one that did it.

You stated it wasn't yourself that did it, then you supposely apologized about it and just the way you posted, simply proved you havent learned, neither do you care about it.

You've been banned several times for game ruining (with recent timings), so might as well state that you haven't learned your lesson quite yet.

Regarding the password @Hazardous - You should never ask for a member to share his password, may it be to check information or not: I believe you did this to confirm his story about private messages, still you should refrain from doing so and use the correspondent tools you have as a moderator to check the available information.


1st) Learn to behave properly, respect people (may they be moderators or players) and avoid flaming - If you dind't report the flaming you got, we can't do anything about it; A private message sent by you was reported, with excessive (and might say horrific) content, and therefore you placed yourself at risk (Note: The private message you sent is not acceptable despite whatever message you received, simply stating you could have reported it).

2nd) Don't break rules and you don't get banned - If your bans had different timings i could agree you were learning, but seems not: Your bans were all sort of recent meaning you certainly dind't learn from it.

While one year ban duration might be excessive, a 3 months bans considering your behaviour / game ruining seems more than reasonable, so i agree with the decision taken.

Complaint denied, processing

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