Here's what you missed!

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Here's what you missed!

Postby Trenchguns » Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:17 pm

Hey guys, quick introduction here. My name is Trenchguns (aka Duke@US East, or TheDuke@All) and I've been playing Warcraft 3 for quite a long time (probably since around 2004/5). Wintermaul Wars happens to be my favorite custom game map. After countless games across many different versions, I've finally decided to put my two cents into action and improve on some, hopefully, universally agreed upon improvements (or as universally agreed upon as possible). Anyways, let's get on to what has been implemented in the most recent version WMW TNG 2.3e (Ent autohosted version will be 2.3 until more improvements have been made and are thoroughly tested, but you can always check for the most recent version in the list of maps:

There are probably a few more changes I have missed but as of right now this is what I can recall.

Quality of life changes:

Code: Select all

Red (or blue if there is no red, or teal if both red and blue are gone) can now choose to disable air! Although Air has been nerfed a bit. (See rebalances)
Players in back on a team of 3 will now receive extra gold depending on how far behind they are in regards to their team income.
Hotkeys for shrines
Builder Blink now is assigned to Q.
Host can choose to enable life steal.
Killing ultimate gods will now reduce the life of the sending team by one.
Archer now no longer lags the game.
Anti cheat system specific to an abuse that solely occurs on certain auto hosting bots.
Increased creep limit from 90 to 150
Creeps can now ghost each other so that they don't get stuck on each other (a few creeps are exceptions such as the first 4). This may cause them to get stuck inside of placed buildings.
System to disallow blocking
Build areas have been changed to allow for slightly more space for mid, as well as to even out the space each team is given.
Many spelling errors fixed


Code: Select all

-spoof command to check for people with invalid characters in their name.
-zoom command (200 - 2250) to change camera height
-tactical command if you want to play top down (good luck)
-ff forfeit command. (this might become more important if I implement an ELO system)
-nf to vote against the forfeit
-pro Host can enable pro mode at any time to remove the specific income value of each time as well as disable the ability to view opposing teams

Tower Rebalances

Devil Assisant Devil's Assistant:
  • Hades decreased damage (500k to ~480k) and range (4000 to 3000)
  • Satins Excutioner Satan's Executioner damage halved.
  • Satins Lackey Satan's Lackey cooldown increased by .1

Elf Planner
  • Demon Hunter damage increased by 1000
  • Removed Archer bounce, increased damage (7 - 14)
  • Druid of the Talon damage increased (360-400)

Beam Maker
  • Burst Ion Beam has splash
  • Dark Beam damage increased by 50
  • Darker Beam damage increased by 200

Army Commander
  • Sharpshooter damage increased (1338 - 4331), cool-down increased (1.75 - 5.25), gold increased by 250
  • Tank trooper cost increased to 10 wood

Bomb Maker
  • Basic Bomb damage decreased (30-60 to 25-50)

Strange Race
  • Ultimate rabbit cost increased by 2000, damage increased by 2000

  • Arch Angel general gold increased by 5000

Clan Kiz Builder
  • Lag-Ger damage decreased by 5000
  • AbuSer[Ger] Has crippling poison

  • Orc Warlock damage decreased by 200, splash area decreased

Creep Rebalances

Code: Select all

Fortified armored creeps nerfed (less armor etc)
Duker Wintermaul health increased
Matured dragons move much more slowly
Pure Life Essence has less regen
Ultimate God has no regen

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WinterMaul Wars The New Generation

Postby wTc[JediMaster] » Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:23 am

Been testing some, part from it beeing a good step in reforming "WinterMaul Wars The New Generation" with more balance and better working map it do still however have some of the random DC left in it. :)
Hopefully Duke will be able to find & remove it or work around it to minimize DCs that robs teams of thier players and games of people 1 by 1.
Not fun winning cuz your the only one that havent DCed yet :P

As part of the mode that Player1 picks in start there is "Lifesteal" a mode that can enable longer games.
It's more of a LTW (Line Tower Wars) feeling with the lives then as you "steal" the lives from the other team instead of just making them lose it.

The -spoof cmd is a funny little thing makes people with colored accs get a new one. not really about "invalid" tho, just not basic.
Will however not make it easier to see the "acc-name" so the person can be kicked (if needed) hopefully that will be handled in anotherway later on tho.
-tactical is kinda like the tactical view from Dragon Age (part from no pause) an overview from above. That can be useful sometimes but for people that are used to the normal view over the map -zoom will be nuf :)

NoCooK1E has had a finger in helping out with this too as can be seen in the loading screen (bottom)
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Re: Here's what you missed!

Postby Dave_Q_Stone » Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:29 am


first of all i am amazed that someone is still working on WMW. On my main (Dave_Q_Stone) i have played over 2000 WMW games just on ENT bot, so i am nuts. I have few points i would like to discuss with you :

1. The spam "-random" at start bug has been resolved ? This generate extra gold, i reported players doing that here on ENT forums , but it would be better if this bug would be gone.
2. The 2000gold KIZ tower can be sold for 2250 gold, this bug is still in the game
3. Does the best BEAM tower do damage now ? In previoud version this tower was bugged and did no damage.
now the most important
4. I love mazing , the best mazes you can build is when one side is blocked, this is especially great in 1v1 games. Now it is prohibited.
It is possible to have on option at the start of the game to enable/disable this ?
(note: I am talking about blocking one side so creeps still have a way to the lightnings and to the ship)

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Re: Here's what you missed!

Postby NoCooKiE » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:45 pm

1. the spam random glitch is gone
2.@trenchguns youll need to take care of that
3. The best beam tower does do damage now and is a viable option
4. The no blocking does make mazing a little more tricky but i do agree that would be cool to turn it on or off.
5. Next time post in the suggestions sub forum viewforum.php?f=317

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Re: Here's what you missed!

Postby NoCooKiE » Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:05 pm

Also abuser doesnt have crippling poision in 2.3

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