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Postby Trenchguns » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:34 pm

WMW TNG 2.5.w3x
(570.25 KiB) Downloaded 42 times

Un-optomized version for your viewing pleasure.
  • Lessened dps of Lightning Beam
  • Wood towers now sell for wood value
  • Towers sell for 90% of gold value
  • Slight Tank bomb cooldown decrease
  • Slight Satan's Executioner cooldown decrease
  • Finished builder Hotkeys
  • Started working on reintroducing races
  • Potential huge abuse fixed
  • Added new antiblock system
  • Removed some unused old code
  • Added minimal damage to mazing rock, it no longer upgrades, added it to Warlock
  • Fixed few more bits of code concerning multiboard
  • Reworked terrain to be even more symmetrical, including moving center
  • Incentivized air even more (+5 income if enabled)
  • Removed -pro for now
  • Finished balancing spreadsheet for all towers of every race
  • Spelling and other misc minor fixes I've forgotten about
WMW TNG 2.4O.w3x
(418.8 KiB) Downloaded 53 times
Load code: 8ns0f
Misc Changes
  • You can now use U to upgrade most buildings.
  • Voting now fully functional
  • Creep Limit starts at 100 150 Since lag was reduced.
  • Vote for max build limit
  • Can now vote to change creep limit and build limit to help reduce lag late game using -cl or -bl
  • End game lag has been reduced substantially.
  • Cleaned up a bit of code, combing some parts
  • Pathing blockers properly placed
  • Creeps won't teleport to end

WMW TNG 2.3gO.w3x
(371.42 KiB) Downloaded 51 times

  • Abuser no longer has splash
  • Ultimate beam and Ion cannon attack more slowly but have more damage. Should help with beam lag a bit.
Bug fixes
  • Undeadlaw now is the correct price
  • Abuser now has crippling poison
  • When someone leaves it the multiboard income will show the correct amount.
  • Fixed blocking path
Misc Changes
  • Players now can vote to allow blocking, air, and enable life steal
  • Players can not trade while yellow or blue are able to receive extra gold
  • -l # XXXX command to give player number # xxxx wood

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Re: ChangeLog

Postby Trenchguns » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:02 am

Version 2.4 has just been released! Feel free to let me know if you encounter any issues with it!

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Re: ChangeLog

Postby NoCooKiE » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:04 am


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