WMW 2.6 - New Races?

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WMW 2.6 - New Races?

Postby Trenchguns » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:35 pm

WMW TNG 2.5cE.w3x
(601.71 KiB) Downloaded 46 times

  • Malware Creator balances and polish. Investigating a crashing issue currently, race disabled.
  • Restart each game at the end (possibly buggy)
  • Minor terrain ajdustments
  • Air nest auto upgrades
  • Added a quest on first bought lumber detailing the give lumber command
  • Units sent over the max will give gold to the opposing players based off of their bounties.
  • Sell Malware towers for wood
  • Creeps won't spawn stuck in middle
  • Improved Creep counter
  • Tier 3 creeps give more income, and give more income the more costly they are.
  • Fast mode vote (1k gold, 500 income, upgrades Dark Portal)
  • -pro command vote
Tower changes
  • Fixed Faith cooldown and changed the non upgraded version's ability from critical strike to antilag
  • Fixed Grand general upgrade pricing
  • Fixed restarts happening twice
  • Decreased GOD pricing

Off topic:
WMW TNG 2.5aO.w3x
(421.86 KiB) Downloaded 92 times

As this is not an official release yet please place all bugs/suggestions for this in a reply. Thanks!

  • New Race: Malware Creator
WMW TNG 2.5bR.w3x
(594.92 KiB) Downloaded 42 times

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Re: WMW 2.6 - New Races?

Postby NoCooKiE » Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:19 am

wmw 3.0

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