Techies Race

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Techies Race

Postby LightningZLaser » Sun May 20, 2018 11:00 am

Description: The Goblin Techies is a unique builder who plants mines in between mazes instead of mazing with towers. The mines do not block, but you can maze with warning signs.

Notes: The mines do not disappear after they attack.
Just make the mines melee range and give them an explosion attack animation.
Scale tower cost and damage as if it were a melee race.
I found this thread that might help to make a building have no collison: ... le.121742/ (Ability Ghost (Visible))

Warning Sign - 2g (2x2 unit size) (just use a signboard model)
Description: Warning! Minefield! This warning sign warns the creeps about mines, but they won't care anyway. Use this to maze. Does not attack.

> Menacing Warning Sign - Upgradable from Warning Sign for 250g (expensive but meant for additional slow late game)
Description: Maybe some bold red letters will work this time. Frightens creeps around 500 aoe that they move 20% slower and lose 10,000% health regeneration. Does not attack.

Fireworks - 10g (1x1 unit size, no collision)
Description: What kind of mine is this? Deals minimal damage to creeps that walk over it.

Tiny Mine - 40g (1x1 unit size, no collision)
Description: A tiny mine that does tiny damage. You can find these in toy stores in Goblin Techies's hometown.

Military Grade Mine - 100g
Description: A military grade mine that is enough to kill low-level enemies.

Freezing Mine - 200g (100-200 freezing aoe)
Description: A mine with explosives packed in an ice cube that never melts. It sends freezing ice shards everywhere when it explodes, slowing creeps down.

Acme Explosive - 500g
Description: The most powerful explosive that exists. Manufactured by Acme Corporation.

Remember to update the anti-juggling system to exclude mines, since they are meant to be placed in the lane, but have no collision.

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Re: Techies Race

Postby Beliar[Horror] » Sun May 27, 2018 8:30 pm

On dev.
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