Thank you for applying.
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Postby nitehawk » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:53 pm

Name: nitehawk
Discord name: nitehawk#8492
Age: 23
Game moderator specialty (see below for choices): DotA
Brief introduction: I have played wc3 since the release of Frozen Throne. I started off playing ladder games on bnet and then moved on to Dota games. DotaCash is where I started playing until it shutdown. After that most of the players moved to ENT in 2014.
What are your current hours of playing time (approximate): Mostly from 2- 8 pm. Depends on schedule ,sometimes I can be on from 11 -4:00 a.m
What is your current time zone: UTC-4 EST
Describe any relevant experience, both in moderating and in Warcraft III: I have never been a staff moderator before. I've been playing wc3 for many years now. Some bots Ive played on were DotaCash/BK/Ohs/ Dota-void. Ive played in a lot of different wc3 communities, but ENT is the only one still hosting.
Why do you want to become a game moderator: I enjoy playing on WC3 and ENT. I would like to help the community and monitor games. Theres a lot of active ban reports pending, and I have the experience of thousands of dota games. I have solved some reports this year, and can help with more. I Would like to help process these reports faster, and ban game ruiners.
What will you bring to the ENT/Warcraft III community: mostly to help the ban request section. I have a lot of experience playing wc3, I will consistently help lighten the load and my effort to help the best I can.
Closing Statement: I've enjoyed playing here ever since I first started. Im a quick learner and I try my best completing reports. Id like to thank the staff team for the time they spend helping the community! And I hope ENT will stay up ; and host fun games.

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Re: nitehawk@entconnect

Postby Astros » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:44 am

Huge NO! for myself and countless others who find this application to be insulting of those who had previously applied.

1) This user is currently banned for dodging under his alias, King.Kar. For an individual to apply while knowing they are serving a current ban for a severe offense is quite indicative of their ego and lack of respect for the rules.

2) Mods can dig and find numerous attempts by this user to dodge, flame, behave in a toxic manner, and threaten to hack others. I would not trust this individual with any information of mine. This should be an automatic reason to deny this 'applicant.'

3) The applicant has no respect for others and vice-versa. People respect those who can remain calm and have integrity.
Example 1- viewtopic.php?f=42&t=142404&p=551649#p551649
Here he claims he is not King.Kar.
Here he is King.Kar. ... 3d2525.png
Example 2- User claimed he was this user: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=122371
Because many of us refused to associate ourselves with King.Kar, he created an imposter account of an individual who used to play DotA in-house games.
Example 3- ... 93c6a4.png
"I played you like I played Kappa." Does this sound like someone who is regretful of his actions?

4) Lack of activity. Ever since I called him out for being King.Kar, he vanished into one of his many aliases and has not participated in any ban appeals/reports inquiries. He's also been causing issues within several Discord servers with individuals from his server promoting maphack to which the moderators of those servers have been forced to question who new users are in the event King.Kar may infiltrate once again. It was unfortunate that he was able to appeal for his ban to be reduced but for him to be allowed to apply for staff is beyond comprehension.

5) User has a personal vendetta towards others. An example below illustrates him harassing someone despite not knowing their identity.
By giving him access to check for others and their aliases, he will inevitably abuse his role as a moderator to harass and victimize others.

6) Mods know I can go on and on for hours. I'm sure Merex and Unitil had a fun time reminiscing about their range bans on him but how many rules has he broken?
He's racist and uses the N word.
He got caught ban dodging week after week.
And are we going to forget this?: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=141824&p=548795&hilit=rizzrak#p548795

How can current staff members be positive that one of the most hated ENT users would be able to represent ENT appropriately? How can they be sure that he won't unban himself when a rule is broken? With this type of character, you have no confidence in any of this.

Not only does he not qualify for obvious reasons but he has poor judgment and irresponsible qualities that not only a mod would require but a decent human being should demonstrate. ENT may no longer be the populated community that we all remember but don't turn it into a community that diminished to the level in which King.Kar is a staff member.
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Re: nitehawk@entconnect

Postby xSAINTx1 » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:04 am


The day King.kar becomes mod, is the ENT is no longer in service.

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Re: nitehawk@entconnect

Postby FalenGa » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:15 pm

I really appreciate your decision to help the community, as we are in desperate need of new mods, but given your history, there is simply no way for us to trust you in such a position. At least not at the moment.

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Re: nitehawk@entconnect

Postby nitehawk » Fri Sep 13, 2019 4:55 pm

its np @falenga I respect your decision. Everything i have done over the past year has only been support for ENT. You can check my recent history, I understand that there is no other community like this , and I want to see ENT continue hosting good games.

I know it will require moderators to process reports , its voluntary work. But there are new reports every day, and ent needs to process these for quality games. The current staff is doing the best they can, and i believe they can use more help.

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Re: nitehawk@entconnect

Postby HazarDous » Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:21 pm


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