LTD 1200 Suggestion

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LTD 1200 Suggestion

Postby legion90 » Sat Apr 06, 2019 1:18 am

1. Some players like to ruin the lobby by staying on red and forcing pr mode. Would be solved by adding a votesystem for pr mode.

2. New Rule for 1200: Pause can be allowed for 2min max for each team before lvl 1 only if a player is afk. Some people unpause a lot during first lvl and this won`t change the fact that players can be banned for being afk, but atleast it helps to not having to wait 10-20 min in next lobby sometimes and also helps the 3 other players.

3. Idk yet

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Re: LTD 1200 Suggestion

Postby MrStrawberry » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:37 am

Or maybe if lobby is full, and most of the people don want - pr, then just use common sense, and play it normal?

I agree that stalling lobby is a joke, so i guess just common sense needs to be used, if just red wants - pr, then he can get out and wait other lobby.

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Re: LTD 1200 Suggestion

Postby Merex » Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:47 am

If you have reason to believe someone is intentionally stalling lobbies (as proven by the chatlogs) then you can report them. Otherwise, the player vote is and will always stay at the red player's discretion unless there's a more pressing topic to be made on it which I'm not seeing here.

If someone is AFK in a higher-tier LTD zone like 1200+, they are automatically grounds for ban unless solved peacefully via the pause system by the players in said game, especially if it's only for ~1 minute. However, fact remains - If you join a lobby for a game, you are expected to play in it.

As for the pause situation => Refer to the above, if someone is AFK and pause is being needed for an extensive period of time then perhaps just remake and report said player. We won't start putting guidelines/policy on the pause system as it's pretty straight forward now. The situation you describe is something that isn't nearly frequent enough to warrant anything beyond.
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