Blink Techies 101

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Blink Techies 101

Postby nitromon » Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:47 pm

Replay Link:

The words "blink techies" make most people cringe. I guess it shouldn't surprise me most people reject things they do not understand. Techies is the #1 "blame" hero, where when a game is lost, people blame techies. Sometimes it is justified. Sometimes it is not. Most people play techies only 1 way, lay mines etc.. finding neat places to hide them.

Why should techies get blink?
- Techies is slow. Euls is a good speed item, it also gives him a defensive ability and increase mana regen. Forcestaff is also good, but the distance is shorter, but allows you an offensive push on enemies into your mines.
- However, blink allows you to cross rivers, jump cliffs, etc... it allows you much more options in mobility. The blink on techies, gives him another playing style other than hiding and laying mines. It allows him to engage the enemy along with his team. Players often complain they feel like they're playing a 4v5 when a tech is on their team, the blink changes this.

Every hero is designed with 4 abilities that compliment each other. For the longest time people simply skip suicide. Why? Because they love their KDR and techies will get a death for each suicide. If you care about your KDR, don't play techies. Techies by definition is the ultimate sacrifice hero. As the suicide description says, "take one for the team."

Key example:
You see your teammates locked in battle. Most techies can't do anything to help but sit and lay mines and watch. However, with a blink, this techies blink right into the battle. Most people don't realize it or care b/c they're too busy wacking your tank or your other heroes. He drops 1 land mine, 1 stasis, and then suicides. The suicide + landmine will have done massive aoe damage and the stasis stuns the enemy. Your teammates will clean up and level up. You take one for the team.

There's also a psychological factor to this. This replay is actually just the latest one I have and it demonstrated many of the points here. I got the opponents so terrified, they are scared when they're around me. They won't chase me out of fear of mines, but they also back off while chasing my allies whenever I show up b/c they know I will take one for my team.

Why suicide matters:
Suicide is techies' 1st line of defense, follow by stasis. But not only so, it allows him massive farming early. Techie gets gold from both killing enemy heroes and the creeps around them. Even if he doesn't get the kill, he forces the enemy to heal, waste time at fountain, or waste money on tangos and healing salves. In a lane with a fellow player, techies suicide correctly will yield kills for himself and his teammate. This gives them levels, but while techies is back at fountain from death, the teammate gets solo time with barely any enemy in lane. The techie also revives faster from suicide than the enemy he kills. This unbalances the game early on. Techies terrorizes the enemy and keeps them down, while his team gets stronger and carry late.

Between the cycles of the suicide cooldown, the techie has just enough time and mana to lay mines and stasis. This is a key element to the suicide pact. Even in late game, the suicide is a "free teleport" back to base to refill your mana b/c of the short revive time while in the process, causing massive damage to your enemies allowing your teammates to gain the upper hand. So you don't really need a lot of mana regen items, allows you more variety of items to build your terrorist. Even with massive mana regen, you will find many mine techies idling during mid-late game b/c they're waiting for their mana to regenerate. And each time a ward or gem reveals their mine, all that hard work goes down the toilet.

About this replay:
I like this replay b/c it is a casual replay. My team are really chill people, practically no trash talking at all from both sides. My team picked counters, but they're just average players as you can see through the replay, there were many deaths. What I found most interesting in this game is that it illustrated practically every point about blink techie I've written above. Though my teammates were not strong early, you can see the opposition cannot get the upper hand b/c I kept them down. By late game, my work becomes less and my teammates got strong regardless of how they played the early game.

Despite my build having barely any mana regen and I suicide practically whenever the cooldown is ready, you can see there are quite a sufficient amount of mines in the game. Even the opposition accused me of using cooldown hack. I take that as a compliment. ;) People think suicide + lack of mana regn means I can't lay mines, but once again, suicide is a free trip back to fountain for mana reg, it is what helps me lay those mines. But most importantly, this style of playing should make most team players happy b/c I'm not hiding somewhere laying mines all game. When I see my teammates in trouble, I can actually go and engage the enemy.

ELOwise, our team is the underdog. The Sentinels have two 1300 elo players with decent KDR and they went Slark and Huskar. Our Abbadon countered the Huskar well, I took care of that Slark. I chose to go with a dagon in this game, b/c dagon counters slark. He was so frustrated with me you can read the chat. :) Generally, depending on play, most common item for techies is Guinsoo of course. But you can also consider assault cuirass + radiance to maximize your AOE when you sacrifice for your team.

Anyways, this is a fun replay all the way through. Hope you enjoy it! :D

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