First Blood Gaming LTD League Update

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First Blood Gaming LTD League Update

Postby Kappa » Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:01 pm

Hello all, I wanted to share some updates with you from First Blood Gaming- Hosting Legion TD Mega leagues on Reforged

1) FBG Seasons
Season 1 will end on January 18th 00:00 CET. Stats will be reset and Season 2 will start then. Use !countdown to keep track and expect a small amount of downtime during the transition. 6 month season cycles will probably continue.

2) Autobalance
Remember that the autobalance logic has been changed, I think it will lead to better team balance overall. But please let me know if you find examples of poor behavior. Also, I plan to work on a new feature where you can queue up with up to a single other player.

3) Upcoming Tournament - ... ournament/
Reminder that there is a tournament on January 16th 15:00 CET. Please create/register your teams ASAP.

4) Map Update Version 3.45a
We hope that patch 3.45 will breath some new life into the meta and better encourage the more exciting parts of LTD. Broud3r has already created a lot of the new systems so far and we will continue to work on it as time permits to get closer to producing final iterations for testing - but it won't be a fast process. The current map 3.44r will be your final 3.44 version.

5) Hostbots / Patch 1.33
Some things to the process flow may be changing in the future. I am currently waiting to see which path would be best to pursue - W3Champions Flobot or the future features in

6) LTD Stats ... nknown.png
Once I've automated collecting all the data I can from replays, I'd like to work on a BI dashboard to show off more in-depth statistics for fun or make the raw data public where someone else could do it. Pages similar to the LIHL vs FBG total lumber per round comparison but visualized.

7) In-game Rating System
Please use the Rating system (by clicking on friendly Town Hall) for Trials and other outstanding players.

Contact an LTD Admin on the Discord server for help/questions. Thanks!

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