KOV gameruin (he wont get it)

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KOV gameruin (he wont get it)

Postby iambackk » Sat Jun 03, 2023 3:09 am

Your Warcraft III username:
Realm/Gateway: http://storage.entgaming.net/replay/vie ... 168106.w3g
Why are you banned: i report : kov.grozko
Why you should be unbanned:

This absolute retarded guy was just following us to toss us next to ennemies or stealing creeps wood, well jsut doing shit whole game and kick abused.
and then, the guy toss me on their fountain like np, i dont care game soon finished, he keep trolling everybody the whole game, he deserve a strong ban for that @astros

(06:59 / Allied) kov.grozko: !votekick shere
(10:30 / All) kov.grozko: its time for lina to fly
(10:58 / Allied) CypheRGhost: care lina
(11:02 / Allied) CypheRGhost: tiny trying to throw u
(11:04 / Allied) thelordishere: !timestamp
(11:05 / Allied) CypheRGhost: into to enemy
(11:09 / Allied) thelordishere: toss me back low hp
(12:24 / Allied) thelordishere: !timestamp ksing creeps wood
(14:19 / Allied) thelordishere: !timestmap steal rune toss me
(17:31 / All) kov.grozko: how good is that lina?
(17:33 / All) kov.grozko: A votekick against player [kov.grozko] has expired.
(17:43 / Allied) thelordishere: !timestamp ksing cereps toss abuse
(26:15 / Allied) thelordishere: !timestamp toss jakiro on creeps clse racks
(28:17 / All) kov.grozko: i wanted to toss lina..
(28:17) master_pain killed master_pain
(28:23 / All) kov.grozko: and u killed me
(28:23 / All) kov.grozko: why
(30:53 / Allied) thelordishere: !tiemstamp toss at fountain

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Re: KOV gameruin (he wont get it)

Postby 20-0 » Sat Jun 03, 2023 3:27 am


cancer player.

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Re: KOV gameruin (he wont get it)

Postby Astros » Sun Jun 11, 2023 4:35 pm

Banned 3 days

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