LTD Tourney Replays and Brackets Info

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LTD Tourney Replays and Brackets Info

Postby cyberpunk » Mon Jun 03, 2013 6:54 am

Congratulations ThePlumbers2!

Click the image to enlarge

Interview with the champion hate2lose.
cyberpunk: Are you drunk?
HateLose: no im not, want me to be?
cyberpunk: You should be. So let's start?
HateLose: lol im blazed, does that count?
cyberpunk: mm, doesn't
HateLose: lol okay, im ready whenever u r
cyberpunk: Hi hate2lose, could you first please introduce yourself and tell us about your LTD background.
HateLose: Hey, well i've been playing wc3 for a while. Played LTD since there was only 6 races
quit playing, but got back into it maybe during 2.7, quit again and came back during 3.41
so I've been playing LTD 3.41 for about 8-9 months now
the thing that intrigued me the most was ENT kept stats and held tournaments. That's what made me strive to be better in the game
cyberpunk: correct if i'm wrong but in that time, we already had mfc
HateLose: yes, i used to be a fan of mfc
HateLose: used to go on maybe 3-5 days a week
HateLose: ^^
cyberpunk: Do you live in California, don't you?
HateLose: yes, i currently live in san francisco
cyberpunk: Do you do drugs like Hank Moody, that guy from the tv show callifonication?
HateLose: LOL i don't consider herbs a drug but yes, i do other stuff besides blazing ^^.........shhhhh
cyberpunk: I understand, who will win the world cup in 2014?
HateLose: thats a tough one i think Brazil will though
cyberpunk: You're not a fan soccer, aren't you?
HateLose: i dont watch soccer, can you tell from my response? hahahah
cyberpunk: because I'm brazilian and I can say brazil will suck in this cup
HateLose: oh no! you have to cheer for you home team never give faith! just like us today we were down 2-0 best of 5 1 more game we lose, we'd be out but we came back and won 3 games in a row
cyberpunk: w/e who is hotter kate upton or katy perry?
HateLose: wow.......thats a really tough question katy perry is like the girl you would want to bang all night but kate upton is the girl you would want to show off and bang and do everything else with so kate upton =)
cyberpunk: Good choice, if i'm not wrong, this wasn't your first LTD tournament?
HateLose: no it wasn't. This was my 2nd tournament Last tournament was a disappointment for my team, so we worked things out and did better this tourney......WE WON!
cyberpunk: Have you guys trained to this tourney?
HateLose: honestly? No we didn't it was a scramble the last few days prior to the tournament for us
cyberpunk: what rude.. let's continue.. before the final match, You guys lost to mudmangg, tell me more about that game.. when they sent you guys to losers brackets
HateLose: that was a tough game it was a very good game they played extremely well we tried our best, but they kept building the right lvls we were sending in the end, we went to lvl 31.....and they had the better value and towers to hold longer. i give them much props. They were very good opponents which in the end ignited our you can say we were more pumped up for the next games
cyberpunk: If not you to be champion, who would be?
HateLose: it would be Mudmangg
cyberpunk: What was the hardest match?
HateLose: in my opinion....they were the only team that would compare to us, then again, we didn't play all the teams but if Mudmangg go to the finals undefeated and we beat them........other teams didnt really have a chance the hardest match was probably the 1st game we played vs Mudmangg that sent us to losers bracket
cyberpunk: and what about the first round in the final, you did lose. you was playing with mech and later you did cb to prophet
HateLose: yes I think we were a little too cocky that game: We knew they would send on lvl 27 mech cant hold lvl 27 imo so i had to cb to adjust we needed to build specifically for lvl 27, because they were going to send then.. so that was my best option and i went with it, i do want to say, the last game we won...i give a lot of credit to beep
cyberpunk: bbb was your side partner.. he did cb twice in that game.. he had demi human.. marine.. and he did cb again to marine, do you know why?
HateLose: well, the reason he went back to marine was because his other option wasnt good at all his other option was element and everyone knows element is weak for late game 27 on also, it would cost too much for another rr he already used 4 before changing back to marine again...keep in mind, we are building specifically for 27
cyberpunk: In the second game, ultimate_amaya got disconnect and before that, they wasted 1 heal at bosses, lvl 10.. what your opinion? they hadn't a chance in that game?
HateLose: yea we got lucky that game, Ultimate disconnecting determined our win We already had a plan of sending on lvl 17, which they were the weakest on when Ultimate disconnect, we determined sending on lvl 20 would end the game the reason we decided that, was because yellow was the person who was alone he had archers to start with, so his income was high, yet his towers were weak he wasn't going to hold lvl 20 at all we sent 6 demons + mass.....knowing that would make the other 2 leak since the other player was nature (yggs) and they aren't strong either if Ultimate didn't disconnect who knows how that game would have turned out we probably would have still won........ lol...j/k........ionnnoo mayb
cyberpunk: He got disc between the lvl 11 and 13.. after that I saw you did you upgrade your health to max *king*.. did you upgrade the attack/regen too? The game was 4v3.. and they had just 2 heals or that was a move to confuse them
HateLose: yes we upgraded everything once ultimate disconnected once we determined we were going 20, we told bbb to upgrade king to max, he was archers and he needed the income we knew it didn't matter if they knew or not we are sending on 20 it was over........because again it was 3v4 3v4 in a pro player game....3 will always lose
cyberpunk: Right, in the third round, you guys did save to send on 17 and you failed hard.. was you scared?
HateLose: i couldn't say we were scared more disappointed our plan didn't that made us change our strategy for the game we were hoping they would at least waste a heal or 2, if not lose that lvl
cyberpunk: You guys sent a bunch.. demons, warlocks, auras, my ex-girlfriend.. and they pwned you..
HateLose: hahahah
cyberpunk: and in that round, they didn't send
HateLose: indeed we knew they weren't going to send on 17 though they already sent on 14 they would have the lumber to send hard enough on 17 and would waste their lumber for 20 i guess you can say some of us think alike so we can kinda predict each other although your ex-girlfriend should have ended it ^^
cyberpunk: let's not talk about her.. mfc ftw.. what happened to lvl 20 I thought you was going to lose in turtles
HateLose: tokens for the winners you said?
cyberpunk: but you did very well
HateLose: which game are you referring to? lol
cyberpunk: the 3rd you had Beast, elf then, if i'm not wrong, you did cb again to beast due to lvl 27
HateLose: oh okay well we held pretty well, because that game they didnt send as hard as we thought they would: ofc from 16 we started preparing for 20 we kinda go lucky too if you noticed our creeps kept going back to mid and spawned at king so king wouldn't take dmg from the boss also...didnt you see the King control? It was Godly!! (yea i was controlling the king) ^^
beast was the better option at that point it was either beast or arctic now on game 3 im not sure you remember or not, but we went to lvl 31 i thought we were going to lose that game we had the worst split in front of the king, that I've ever seen in LTD
cyberpunk: Yes, I saw you and I saw ricky in the other lane, indeed a good micro. the 4th round, you guys got a good combo. Murken had mech, last had shadow.. bbb had shadow and you had mech against goblin, marine, prophet and nature.. Don't you think it was unbalance?
HateLose: yes, once we saw their towers we knew what races they had even if you see the ally chat i say we got god towers the 1st race choice is important in our games and i think that has a big impact on the game
cyberpunk: In your opinion who was the best player in this tournament?
HateLose: besides myself?i give credit to all my teammates
cyberpunk: just say a name
HateLose: lol puttin me on the spot
cyberpunk: selfish
HateLose: Hate2Lose lol
hahahahha our 4th player changed every round 1st round was furbolg 2nd round was gouus 3rd round was bbb if you noticed i was in the same lane with all 3 does that mean anyone can work with me? ionno hahahah damn u cyber makin me sound all cocky best player was Cyberobserver
cyberpunk: O: Any last words?
HateLose: are you posting everything i write? edit some of them
cyberpunk: so is that your last words? rolf
HateLose: I like to say Thanks to Ent....first and foremost for hosting the tournament and hosting games for us
Shout-out to my teammates!
Murkemhanks, LastStand (Lonewolf), BBB, Gouus, Furbolg, iight
ThePlumbers FTW!
oh yea also....
cyberpunk: also?
HateLose: go check out MYFREECAMS.COM ^^ lol
cyberpunk: lol Thanks for your time and I hope to see your team in the next tournament.
HateLose: hahahha
HateLose: thank you cyber
HateLose: you the man

I'm still drunk and very tired, so someone else will post the replays later.
My conclusion: I'm sorry about the m16 team due to the timezone, I promise the next tournament will be different.
I have decide this modes alone.. I do not share any information about the modes with players before the announcement in the forum/bots. I decided to -sdgmcb w/o merce with the vision to get new people and it worked very well. Thanks for playing team SOD. Also I'd like to include the setence fuck you noob scrub dota player to people were crying about modes saying a lot of shit in my back.. to those people who thinks they are cyberpunkpro, join the next tournament and we shall see if you're really good to play a nonsense mode!
The best player in this tournament.. mm.. I have no doubts, it was bbb, he had a demon hunter in his body, you can see it in the games. He had lucky and he did know what to do with.. the result could be really different w/o him.
That's all folks!
Thanks for playing
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Re: LTD Tourney Replays and Brackets Info

Postby bit » Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:10 am

why u wrote iighty's name upside down?
p.s. mad skillz

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Re: LTD Tourney Replays and Brackets Info

Postby BeepBoopBeep » Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:21 am

Epic interview

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Re: LTD Tourney Replays and Brackets Info

Postby cyberpunk » Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:06 am

I tried make it easy to read but it seems worse than before.. :3
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Re: LTD Tourney Replays and Brackets Info

Postby HateLose » Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:42 pm

Thanks for the tourney and was fun! I think it looks better now than it was before without the color scheme :D

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