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Postby Kappa » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:53 am

As of tonight,

The bots are now completed and working on FBG discord. We are currently hosting DotA In-House and now Legion TD In-House support has been added. These games are moderated and will be basically the same thing as you are used to with some minor changes to move to Reforged. Details can be found on the discord server or by messages an Admin.

We are only managing league games through our Discord. Support for stat tracking on public bnet games is handled by Anders through The public are welcome to join our discord and use his services to track their own games. We hope to add more league games in the future as well if there is demand for it.

Our goal is to continuing managing competitive leagues on bnet and Reforged! We would be honored if you guys joined us and help us start a new community moving forward. More features and integration are coming but currently the services is working which was the main goal to start.


If you have questions feel free to threw them my way. I have made all the discord bots along with integrating Anders API's.

Current LIHL Admins: @Anda, RadiantCrystal, ReD.RuM

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Re: LIHL On BNet

Postby ReD RuM » Sat Oct 12, 2019 10:18 am

To add a small information of the above:

After talking with the FBG guys, the LIHL community will move to Europe Realm as the USEast is nearly full.
Once we are 10 people in the channel we can create the Clan.

Please note: Ensure that your Warcraft3 Account name fits exactly your Discord name for stats tracking.

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Re: LIHL On BNet

Postby Merex » Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:41 am

Great job Kappa and the rest at FBG. Glad to see our beloved LIHL can find a place elsewhere.
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Re: LIHL On BNet

Postby Anda » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:16 pm

So since the cat is out of the bag ( guessed everybody with more then half a braincell figured it out anyway) i can finally say my 2 cents.
First of all, thank you to the lads of ENT for great support and providing us a good home. Wont be forgotten, all good memories from my side.Hell of a ride!

That being said, its time to move on. We accepteds FBGs invitation and will merge with their community, this means LIHL is an official part of it as of NOW.

This is the new site u will need to use for forum, get the discord channel etc. All infos are up on the discord when you join, if you have questions or need help let us know.
Id like all of you to move over asap, since we wanna get this started.We will run some testgames if all works as we hope, and once its clear everything runs smoothly, i will ask dia to disable the hostbot on ent.
As told, red.rum and radiantcrystal will support me as fellow LIHL moderators, so cheers to them for steping up. Help is very appreciated.

An important personal message to all of you from my site: I expect everybody to be on their best behaviour and behave compliant. We have to adjust to their way of things, although we are given pretty much all the freedom i can personally ask for to get a great league experience going on.
I will have 0 tolerance for toxicity or bad behaviour, and i will act accordingly on such.
You dont get invited into a new friends home and bring old troubles. So whatever grudges there are hold, they are done now now.
Represent us accordingly 24/7 and be greatfull to the lads, they put a shitload of work in to help us keep going.
If i see anyone acting against FBGs interests or well-being, i will punish hard. And i mean REALLY hard.

New infos will follow if needed.
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Re: LIHL On BNet

Postby Jamo » Sat Oct 12, 2019 1:24 pm

Thanks to everyone involved in this transition! You made this work sooo quickly!

Just to sum up some steps everyone will have to do:
1. Get a WC3 version with the most recent patch (might have to enter your CD key)
2. Join FBG Discord channel. They have a player list and will give you the LIHL role if you are a LIHL member on ENT already (
3. Get a Battlenet Account that has SAME NAME as your Discord account (I assume you already have that though).
4. If you want to join LIHL Clan on Battlenet, create this account in EU realm
5. !sign in FBG discord and come play ;)
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Re: LIHL On BNet

Postby mslove » Sat Oct 12, 2019 8:21 pm

a big GOODJOB from me. (:

thank you guys for setting everything up!

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Re: LIHL On BNet

Postby bhadisur » Tue Oct 25, 2022 1:51 pm

i'll join on discord server

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