achilles / tk / rage quit / flame

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achilles / tk / rage quit / flame

Postby Hitsugaya[PoL] » Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:55 pm

to tell from beginin , we started tk push, wanted 2 - 7 , after scout strong hold on them at 2 we decided king 10
achilles was pd, at lvl 6 i told stay 4 att and keep wood for hp ( at lvl 7 we had like 8-9 hp when creeps arrived at king so do more att/reg would be hard tk since we would get no hp), and than problems started couse achilles missed 1 gold for pd and had to sell raider to up it,(ofc he blame me couse of that , becouse i did say save wood for hp), after not holdin 7 he stayed 5/1 for 10. he held couse other team skipped it. in game after we told him couple times that 5/1 is not even happenin on mega, he told he would even sold all units if he could. after that he just rage quit.
after that he started shit talk at discord(well i started it quite by myself but was rly angry about blamin me about hes fail at 7)

addin an replay (morning send me couse my computer is fuked up and got no folder with replays somehow)
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Re: achilles / tk / rage quit / flame

Postby Achillesgr- » Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:27 pm

first of all i was blaming was my fault and you cna see it clearly i say it when you are asking (i think on lvl 8-9 you asked)..after that all i said was only cause i was thoughts was they 10 or 12 so anyway my push had to be 7/2 without upping king during 10

and for fuck shake ..wasnt rage quit i just hit my pc and while was falling pull everything to his way...just wasnt rage quit

you only see that game from you side but you can go a little to my shoes having 6-7 games ready to win and someone dc..then taking 3 loses and after all of that here we go to the game we play...and i think i apologise to you for flaming (an i am saying again nothing had to do with you..i blamed my self..after you keep talking about that i turn to you the blame but didnt mean it..all the situation had to do with me..

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Re: achilles / tk / rage quit / flame

Postby Scud » Sat Dec 28, 2019 7:49 am

Don't make Greek Warrior mad ...He will punch ur face soon.

Oh achillesgr ...are you good boy now ? no more warrior ? ^^ " i apologise to you for flaming"????????????????? .

I never saw this before ^^.

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Re: achilles / tk / rage quit / flame

Postby MudMan » Tue Dec 31, 2019 9:05 pm

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